Saturday, 31 January 2015

karma chameleon

I´m not normally a person lamenting and moaning a lot about how many things in life go wrong and how unlucky I am. 
But this week I must have fucked up my karma somehow (still feeling happy though - I´m just that sort of a tumbler):

  • found out that my bank soon will charge for paper bank transfers - just after I fought with them for weeks in order to get send new pre-printed forms. Well, can bin them now :-/
  • in England supermarket chain Waitrose won´t give out free coffees in the cafeterias for loyalty cardholders anymore - so far I used this a lot and it saved me an awful lot of coffee money, bastards! Don´t introduce a scheme like that to axe it again after a couple of years.
  • had sort of an argument with my closest friend
  • missed the opportunity to meet up with another friend 
  • a blogger meetup I wanted to attend in Wiesbaden was cancelled
  • a patisserie in Frankfurt I loved the look of for years and wanted to finally go to next Monday to buy something has closed down
  • my favourite Thai bistro in Frankfurt has re-decorated and changed the menu (and the prices, of course) which upsets creatures of habit like me
  • and the highlight: got a 50€ note stolen out of my wallet in a restaurant and ended up having my friend paying for me while I searched like an idiot...humiliating

I know, I´m still lucky as those are all very much first world problems but still - it can only improve again from now on I hope. 
Have a nice weekend everyone and take care of all your belongings :-)


  1. oh no, sounds like a shitty week. can only get better, right xoxoxo

  2. Ooh weh und das alles in einer Woche. Ich fühle mit Dir.
    Da kann die neue Woche ja nur besser werden.

  3. Ich kenn das, es gib so Wochen da kommt einfach alles auf einmal und es kommt nur mist. Hoffentlich werden Deine nächsten Wochen besser werden...

  4. I guess Waitrose's scheme was too sucessful... And I am very sorry about the theft, that's a lot of money!

    As I'm behind with reading posts I really hope the last week was already better!