Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The loveliest pair...

...of shoes in my cupboard.

I know I've shown them before but aren't they just fabulous?!?
Never worn them outside the flat...maybe never will but I HAD to have them. They are from Irregular Choice, there website is well worth a visit (at least if your taste is as strange as mine).

So this is my blogpost to enter Swantje's fantastic competition - wish me luck :-)

books etc.

"The best moments in reading are when you come across something - a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things - which you had thought special and particular to you. Now here it is, set down by someone else, a person you have never met, someone even who is long dead. And it is as if a hand has come out and taken yours."

This quote is by British author Alan Bennett and, for me, summarized exactly what reading (or indeed consuming any form of art) is all about. I´m sure everyone of you has a book, a film or a song which tells things about you while your own words fail to express it that precisely. Tell me, which book gave you that special feeling?

Monday, 27 February 2012

Glossybox 2/2012

Yeah, another Glossybox has just arrived. Fairly happy with mine but haven´t looked what others got yet so maybe a wave of the usual jealousy will emerge later.
So the winner is...sorry, I mean: so this is what is in this months box:

  • Artdeco Ceramic Nail Lacquer (colour is fine, will use it soon)
  • Artdeco Glam Stars Eyeshadow (very suitable colour, bit unhandy without a pallet though)
  • Dr. Bronner´s Liqid Soap (never heard of, not sure how to use it yet)
  • E.L.F. Kosmetik Eyeshadow brush (useful, not exactly high-end of course)
  • Eubos Hyaluron Repair&Fill (well, I know my age...)
  • I love Glossybox bracelet (guess I can win something with this? have to check on FB now)

Not overly excited but happy nevertheless.

Sunday, 26 February 2012


Last night I finally had a chance to see the acclaimed film version of Yasmina Rezas play "Le dieu du carnage". To explain beforehand: I saw a stage version in Wiesbaden years ago when the play was still really fresh and: didn´t like it. So my hopes to like the film were there...but not overly high.

When two grade-school boys get into a confrontation in the park that results in one boy hitting the other in the mouth with a stick, their parents meet in a Brooklyn apartment to discuss the matter. The parents of the boy wielding the stick, Alan and Nancy Cowan (Waltz & Winslet), visit the home of Michael and Penelope Longstreet (Reilly & Foster), who are the parents of the boy who was struck. Their meeting is initially intended to be a short visit but various circumstances, such as Nancy vomiting in the Longstreet's living room and Alan's numerous cell phone conversations, continue to draw it out. At first, the verbal exchange between the two married couples maintains a high civility factor but when the differences between them start to emerge, subtly at first and eventually glaringly, the couples begin to turn on each other and finally each on their own spouse. As their civility and inhibition washes away, aided by a bottle of Scotch whiskey, the geniality vanishes, descending fully into verbal warfare with all their character flaws laid bare.
In the end, the film cuts to footage of the two boys reconciling on their own, without the aid of their parents and while the credits roll, they are shown continuing to play in the park. (wikipedia)

Yes, where to start?!
The plot itself...well. I know it is exciting to see what lies behind the well-kept facades of successful, stylish and modern people who appear to have everything under control and it´s even more interesting to see what it takes to make that cover break through. There is a lot of truth hidden in all the behavioral traits depicted and in their deconstruction. A whole discussion about values, manners, communication and upbringing could spin of from just seeing the film or seeing the play. So it is sort of thought-provoking, I give you that.
The four characters are probably very enjoyable parts to play and I cannot fault the talent and ability to act of any of the protagonists. So why did over-critical, picky, pseudo-intellectual and non-mainstream me not like it then again?

First of all the reasons are superficial and simple. Jodie Foster is unappealing, John C. Reilly boring, Kate Winslet not my cup of tea with her scary eye-brows and her nowadays so streamlined figure and I really don´t know what to think about Christoph Waltz (though he is playing the most likeable character).
Why did the story have to be moved to Manhattan? (I know that this happened in order to be able to use big names and make it a big film). I remembered bits from the stage performance I saw and the prominently features "Clafoutis"- to make a "Cobbler" out of it just doesn´t cut it for me (but that is just me...again).
I would have preferred the film to stay French because I sort of think that there are certain differences in how people behave there compared to the same situation stateside. Anyway. Why does Kate Winslet speak with an American accent?!? Unsexy...very. And why is Christoph Waltz, who clearly still sounds German/Austrian playing an American?!? Not convincing for me...
The viewer is trapped in that chic and tasteful apartement together with the two couples. Trapped seems to be the right word cause it really is a nerve-wracking film. So much aggressions, so much hidden hostility, so many witty head was overpowered after a while and I left cinema feeling sort of exhausted. Not a waste of time but nothing to watch again either. One thing though I can´t forget (unfortunately):
The vomit is in the script, it has to be, I honestly forgot about it. It is disgusting. Call me a wimp but I really have a problem with things like that and as other people have a spider phobia I have a vomit phobia (which is called emetophobia by the way). Read up on it if you are interested but you can understand why a scene like the one in the film spoils it all for me. No, never again. And definitely not funny. Especially not as the charming guy sitting next to me for the first half of the film chewed salami sandwiches. Yuck, there really are no true manners under adults any more - so maybe there is a big chunk of truth in "Carnage".

Friday, 24 February 2012

maybe baby II

"During my twenties and thirties, I had viewed fatherhood in much the same way as I approached the idea of reading War and Peace: I assumed it would be inarguably rewarding, but it just felt too daunting, too time-consuming and just too much like hard work."

This sentence by British journalist Sarfraz Manoor in the march issue of Marie Claire rang a bell with me.
Do you know the feeling? You are in a stable relationship, you have reached the magic 30, have a house and will graduate very soon. Everything seems to shout: procreation!
And in some moments you think "yeah, that´s exactly what I want! And I want it now"...and then there are moments where you sort of know that you want it but hmm, not now, not yet, still plenty of time...
Why is there always such a big discrepancy between wanting something and actually taking the plunge and doing it? If you believe the common opinion the perfect moment doesn´t exist...but what if the moment is perfect and you just don´t see it out of fear and unwillingness to allow changes into your life?
A while ago I dreamed I gave birth without knowing that I was pregnant at all. And do you know which weird thought occupied my mind in the dream? "Perfect, at least that takes the decision away now"
Says it all, doesn´t it?

Marni for H&M

On the 8th of march H&M sells a designer collection again, this time they collaborated with Italian fashion label Marni. I´m not usually that interested in those special collections as I find them overpriced, too hard to get your hands on anyway and simply too small for rubenesque me. Not this time...I saw the first pictures
yesterday and fell in love. Will see if I can get/afford/fit into anything but will try my very best.

Mark my words!

I cannot base this on any hard facts but my own, insignificant experience.

 In the UK all the men called Mark I came across so far (including my husband ;-)) are spelled with a "k" at the end. Sprinkled in are a few called Marcus - usually then spelled with a "c" in the middle.
In Germany it is the complete other way round (would explain why the majority of mails or invitations we get from Germans are still adressed to a non-existent "Marc" in my life). Here Marcs are usually belonging to the "c" fraction while the, more common, Markus has a "k". Of course there are exceptions to the rule but I found this interesting...If there are any linguists reading this who might have an explanation for this, please let me know.

Monday, 20 February 2012

maybe baby

Maybe this has actually been out and about for years and I have just never come across it so far, but:
Last week in Frankfurt I looked at those vending machines on the station platform where you can usually get chocolate bars and small packs of weird cakes and crisps. And an advert for this product caught my eye:

Not really hard to understand what it is. Now being sold in the vending machine. Pregnancy tests!
Ok, I know they were selling condoms in there before and I always wondered if a fridge really is the best storage place for them. Maybe it wasn´t and that´s why the new marketing trick came in? Only joking, sorry... although I know it is not really a joking matter. I find it a good idea in general. Buying a pregnancy test in a shop is a slightly awkward situation, I know. But does is maybe make the whole business of pregnancy look a bit too easy? With a test next to Mars bars and Capri Sun? Not sure...

Sunday, 19 February 2012

saturday night´s loot

I´m not a big fan of shopping malls as, in my opinion, they reduce the fun process of shopping to the pure consumerism without all the" going for a walk, taking in the atmosphere, having coffee and watching people."
Anyway, I bought lots, and not only that - I bought things in shops that are normally a bit out of my comfort zone. Felt gooood...

  • a pair of nude patent kitten heels from Deichmann
  • a pair of coral wedges from a non-describt cheap, possibly Turkish, shoe shop
  • a zipped bag for my sunglasses from New Yorker
  • a bright neon yellow oversized jumper from New Yorker
  • a nude, neon yellow and coral scarf from New Yorker ( and trust me, that all the colours are matching that well is pure coincidence! Must have been in a neon/nude mood)
  • Garnier BB Cream, Balea deodorant, Balea high heel cushions
  • Frozen Nail Lacquer in a dark green shade from Kiko 

Not bad, what do you think?
And the best? There was a promotion stand for the famous Activia yoghurt (which I don´t usually buy as I find it too expensive and HATE the adverts) and they wanted to get rid of their stuff and gave me a full bag for free. Fantastic! I love free goodies and don't find it embarrassing at all to collect some. My friends gave me pitiful looks for my behaviour...I gave them equal looks back for being so stupid not not join in...;-)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick

"Spice up your life with the gorgeous aroma of Yankee Cinnamon Stick Wax Tarts. The true to life cinnamon scent is bright and uplifting, perfect for relaxing with friends and family."

I´m a cinnamon lover, could eat it on pretty much any dessert and even don´t shy away to put some in tomato sauces sometimes. Calvin Klein´s "Obsession", that very rich and warm cinnamon scent is one of my favourites too...So why is this review going to be so bad now?
As soon as the tart melts an extremely powerful cinnamon scent starts wafting through the room. So strong that you can nearly taste it (what I call the "Abercrombie & Fitch" effect - everyone who has been to one of their stores will know what I´m talking about). Too strong. But after roughly 30min the cinnamon explosion comes to an end and what follows is awful. It continues smelling - but of old, burned and somehow rotten wax. Baahh. Unfortunately the worst quality wax tart I have tried out so far.

Friday, 17 February 2012

We need what???

Having a house in the UK brings all sorts of joy, catastrophes and missunderstandings into life, especially if you are not British and even worse if you are a German Little Miss Know-it-all... One of the most recent things that apparently needed doing was: replacing the sofit and facia. The what?!?

Don´t ask me, we have the men in soon to do this "important" work but I still haven´t got a clue. What I do know now, after what felt like hours interviewing my husband about this incredibly boring subject, is, that it is a cover that sits between the "overhang" of the roof and the house wall. (Excuse me if I use not the right terms - I might be the grandchild of a roof decker but that doesn´t mean a thing)
Why does a house need a panel up there?? Hiding something? Keeping anything out? And my killer argument: when no house in Germany has that, what use can it possibly have then?
One of the great mysteries...if anyone can explain the function of those bits to me (apart fom making money for the companies) than please let me know!

If you wanna have a look yourself and test if your understanding when it comes to technical things is better than mine:

Thursday, 16 February 2012

bits and pieces

So far I did stick to my New Year's resolution to buy less clothes and look out more for key pieces instead of bargains.

When I saw this oversized babypink jumper I couldn't resist, it's wonderfully warm and soft and swallows are on trend anyway.

Then I finally gave in and am now a proper German - I got my first Jack Wolfskin parka. The weather made me realise that I really needed a proper windproof and warm coat. Always been interested in Jack Wolfskin but I´m not at all into sporty and functional looking clothes. This one is a good compromise I think. Lovely colour, feels like fabric instead of plastic and keeps me oh so warm. Great...even better as I got this in the sales and paid only 115pound instead of the regular 240!!! All Jack Wolfskin gear is definitely cheaper in the UK compared to Germany so if you are planning on buying something and happen to be on British soil, don´t hesitate!

I had to get some colourful jeans in the end. Those are not really bright but the colour should work in many combinations...makes me look a bit sausagy but I´m sure that is down to what top I wear and which shoes I pick. For only 16pound in Peacocks it was worth the try. Thinking about red ones next...


I´m not willing to fall into that "The English eat crap" prejudice as I have learned by myself that it is (mostly) not true (anymore). But one thing is quite strange:

The majority of food you get on the island, especially home-cooked things and vegetables, taste unbelievably bland due to a lack of spices in general and salt in particular. I know that too much salt is unhealthy but I think you agree with me that a bit is needed to make the flavours come out. And if you are German you are generally used to a good pinch of salt and miss it quickly.
Now to the strange thing - the butter is normally always salted. You can get unsalted one (as you can get salted one here in Germany) but normally it´s salty. Not a problem but can lead to confused looks to start with when you bite into your breakfast roll with jam on top...

rosy enlightenment...

...or: eating a clown for breakfast (stupid joke based on a German saying describing someone as unusually funny at that day)
At the end of 2010 I started blogging...and started reading beauty blogs. Always have been interested in make-up and beauty products but never been obsessed or started hunting down certain products.

 How times have changed! I´m still no expert but learn more day by day (and buy more day by day...hmm). The most amazing epiphany? Blush (or as I prefer to call it: Rouge)! How could I EVER live without it? Always thought my cheeks were rosy enough on their own and dismissed blushes as silly and just not for me. Then I started using foundation nearly every day and put a bit of blush on. Amazing. Looks instantly more fresh, more youthful and more "done up" but in a good way. Even discovered that orange tones work well with me and as I´m such a victim, I ended up buying the Coralista from Benefit. One of my happiest days lol
So if you haven´t tried it yet and maybe think as well that you can do without blushes - give it a try. And if it goes wrong, carnival season is on ;-)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

the magic number

Next week I´m hitting 30.
Not really scared about it as I feel like being 30 for a while now - I´m happy to finally catch up.
But a birthday like that makes you stop...makes you think...reflecting about what has been, what is and what will be. Today I got about 20cm of my hair cut off. Next week I´m getting a wisdom tooth extracted. Preparing for my last ever uni exam. I´m getting ready for the change. So how suitable is it to have finally reached the number of 30 readers!? Thanks to every single one of you for reading and supporting me :-)

Monday, 13 February 2012

Brighton rocks

I know, you must be getting bored of all my Brighton posts but anyway, I just so that city so much!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Ice Lanterns

It´s cold in Germany, damn cold. Fortunately without snow (so far) so the streets are all in good walkable conditions...everyone that knows me knows that I´m pretty resistant when it comes to temperatures, nearly in a British way wearing t-shirts in autumn, but the constant well below freezing temperatures are not for me...but it has one plus, you can finally create a few of those wonderfully cheap, stylish and romantic ice lanterns!

Put a smaller cup or tea light holder in a bigger cup or bowl, put some stones in the smaller one to stop it from floating and fill the gap around with water. Let it all freeze and finally dunk it in cold water to losen up the moulds. Perfect for your balcony or garden, and with a weather like that will last you a while...

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Unexpected things that I hate... found on The beautiful side of Life

1. German music
People think that as I´m German I like German music. That as I´m, at least pretending to be, some kind of arty I like all the hip and wonderful intellectuals that belong to a new generation of successful singer/songwriters. But I don´t. Simply because I don´t know the majority of them. Or find them awfully pretentious. I don´t listen to radio...I can´t classify German lyrics as easy listening as I have to listen to them all bloody time. There are exceptions like Stefan Gwildis, Annett Louisan and Juli but they all belong to an older, different breed already. If my friends ask me if wanna join them going to a Clueso, Philipp Poisel or whatever else concert I have to google first and then say no.

2. Shakespeare
Soon I´m graduating in British English and Theatre studies so for sure I must love Shakespeare. Nope...some plays are better, some are worse. Some are easier to understand, with some I don´t have a clue what is going on. I wouldn´t say I hate Shakespeare but he certainly doesn´t hold that sort of deep wisdom in his work as others do see in it. 

3. Four weddings and a funeral
 "Love actually" is my favourite film of all times. I love British comedies. I´m starting to love "Blackadder", another work of  famous writer Richard Curtis. As is "Four weddings and a funeral", the epitome of the British Hugh Grant involving comedy. And I don´t like it. Don´t like the majority of actors, looks too nineties  to me, don´t find it funny and just don´t like it at all. Unexpected, even for myself.

4. 24hrs 7days a week shopping
I like shopping. I sometimes even love it. I can spend hours doing it and it makes no difference to me if I´m buying food, toilet rolls or shoes. Monday to Friday, sometimes even on a Saturday. Not Sundays, not in the early hours of the morning. Decades ago people couldn´t go shopping all the time and still no one I know of starved or walked around naked. Give the staff a break, enjoy at least one quiet day a week and give the people living nearby shops at least one day with free parking spaces and tranquility.

5. Classical pop stars
Yes, I like classical music. Yes, I always have been a kind of nerd and sat in theatre while others did their first attempts of clubbing. No, that doesn´t make me adoring Anna Netrebko, David Garrett, Andrea Boccelli, Paul Potts, Katherine Jenkins, Il Divo and all the others (ok, there are big differneces in quality and talent within that group I have to admit). I like an aria...if it is embedded in an opera performance...not on a "Best of"-album...not in a tv show...and definitely not referred to as "the song from the blablabla advert". Yuk! Call me a snobby intellectual here but I can´t take a opera diva serious if she advertises hair dyes at the same time. 

star struck

I always walk through London and hope to see someone famous. I mean, in every paper you see the pictures so where are they all hiding?! I peek, as good as it is possible, through tinted car windows (and try to look not too stupid doing this), I take endless strolls through Primrose Hill and Hampstead but so far it "only" has been Gwen Stefani leaving her house and the American comedian Rich Hall in front of Primark. Probably a thousand more that I simply didn´t see...or know.
Anyway, my highlight happened at Heathrow T1 last saturday afternoon. In security I overheard the keyterm "Osbourne" being exchanged between the staff members and there he was: Ozzy Osbourne, the prince of darkness!

I picked up my checked belongings veeery slowly so I could have a proper look. Yes, definitely him. Walking by, wearing his round sunglasses, the long black leather coat and chatting friendly with his two hosts. A friendly old man clearly showing what years of drug abuse can do to your body in the long-run. I was delighted...but (again) way to nervous and confused to talk to him and ask for a photo. So you have to believe me on this - I saw Ozzy Osbourne and I liked it :-)

Monday, 6 February 2012

Glossybox January 2012

A bit late as I was on the island for the last two weeks and could only open this months box yesterday. I was a bit worried when I read all the unboxing posts and saw the mostly mediocre contents. I vowed not to complain but still hoped secretly that those lovely looking Korres soaps would soon be mine...they weren´t, this month I got one of the more shitty boxes. But I will make the best of it, use everything and maybe even leopard lips will be trendy on day far far away...

 Adidas For Women Relax Pflegedusche (ok, a shower gel...not much more to say)

Catherine Trend Farblack (nice red but the bottle looks incredible cheap and old-fashioned)

Luvos Anti-Aging Maske mit Sojaöl (got the message, thank you lol)

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Puree (smells divine)

Trendliner Glamlips (well...)

Let´s see what the next box will bring - I´m still in love with the whole concept.

Thursday, 2 February 2012


still loads more to do in our house but at least one corner after the other is getting a certain something to make it feel like home (and yes, I know some of the frames are still empty - waiting for some photos to be developed)

excitement in Wagamama...

...or: How I discovered the most beautiful tea ever :-)
Yesterday we went to my beloved Asian food restaurant chain Wagamama again and for the first time ordered a Jasmine Flower Tea. Nothing unusual for me as I'm most times chosing green or jasmine tea in Chinese or Thai restaurants. Anyway, I wasn't expecting that:

It looks amazing and tastes just like "normal" jasmine tea. Apparently you can use it for more than 1 litre of water and because of it's (manmade) shape it doesn't make the tea go bitter too quick. I think I had vaguely seen them somewhere before but never really thought about it.
Now I was hooked, I decided I needed that sort of magic in my life more often. Fortunately the Asian supermarket round the corner could help me. With 7£ for 100gr. not exactly a bargain but so what!?

So every now and then I will enjoy one of these unsuspicious looking babies and put them in hot water in a nice glass tea pot.

Sometimes it is so easy to make me happy :-)

PS: Do you remember those shells you used to be able to find in toy shops? You put them in a bowl of water and they slowly opened up and released some sort of artificial coral. Please say I'm not the only one who sat in front of those miraculous things for hours when I was a little girl.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

and I gave in to another hype...

...and ordered 3 different shades of China Glaze nailpolish. The first ones for my collection. Could not find them anywhere in "real" so had to make a blind guess and just chose three from an online shop. The pictures didn't really represent the colours so it was a little bit of hit and miss but anyway, will try them all out in due course. Let's see what the hype is about and if they are as good as OPI and Essie are (imho).


 Cream Puff

Princess Grace