Monday, 20 February 2012

maybe baby

Maybe this has actually been out and about for years and I have just never come across it so far, but:
Last week in Frankfurt I looked at those vending machines on the station platform where you can usually get chocolate bars and small packs of weird cakes and crisps. And an advert for this product caught my eye:

Not really hard to understand what it is. Now being sold in the vending machine. Pregnancy tests!
Ok, I know they were selling condoms in there before and I always wondered if a fridge really is the best storage place for them. Maybe it wasn´t and that´s why the new marketing trick came in? Only joking, sorry... although I know it is not really a joking matter. I find it a good idea in general. Buying a pregnancy test in a shop is a slightly awkward situation, I know. But does is maybe make the whole business of pregnancy look a bit too easy? With a test next to Mars bars and Capri Sun? Not sure...


  1. Gute Frage. Habe ich mir auch schon gedacht. Letztens hat schon mal jemand über die Bahnhof Tests gepostet.. weiß nur nicht mehr wer..
    Ich finds schwierig. "Ich geh mal eben nen Schwangerschaftstest ziehen" macht es den Teenies sicherlich unbewusst "einfacher"...

  2. bizarre... indeed!
    don´t know what to make of it

  3. those white "bones" are meringues in a shape other than usual ;)

  4. alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
    means 'happy birthday', yes?