Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Ice Lanterns

It´s cold in Germany, damn cold. Fortunately without snow (so far) so the streets are all in good walkable conditions...everyone that knows me knows that I´m pretty resistant when it comes to temperatures, nearly in a British way wearing t-shirts in autumn, but the constant well below freezing temperatures are not for me...but it has one plus, you can finally create a few of those wonderfully cheap, stylish and romantic ice lanterns!

Put a smaller cup or tea light holder in a bigger cup or bowl, put some stones in the smaller one to stop it from floating and fill the gap around with water. Let it all freeze and finally dunk it in cold water to losen up the moulds. Perfect for your balcony or garden, and with a weather like that will last you a while...


  1. brilliant idea. and so simple, one could have come up with it oneself. by the way, where I'm at there is plenty of snow!!! and I'm not cold resilient at all :(

  2. Oh, sieht das toll aus!!!

    Frag mich nicht wegen dem Kuchen - hab ich noch nie ohne backen gemacht... Aber würde mich auch mal interessieren. :o) Viel Spass beim backen.