Thursday, 16 February 2012


I´m not willing to fall into that "The English eat crap" prejudice as I have learned by myself that it is (mostly) not true (anymore). But one thing is quite strange:

The majority of food you get on the island, especially home-cooked things and vegetables, taste unbelievably bland due to a lack of spices in general and salt in particular. I know that too much salt is unhealthy but I think you agree with me that a bit is needed to make the flavours come out. And if you are German you are generally used to a good pinch of salt and miss it quickly.
Now to the strange thing - the butter is normally always salted. You can get unsalted one (as you can get salted one here in Germany) but normally it´s salty. Not a problem but can lead to confused looks to start with when you bite into your breakfast roll with jam on top...


  1. lol, I noticed the same thing. took me a while to always pay attention when buying butter!

  2. Also ich mag Marmelade auf salziger Butter. Mjam. :o)

  3. agreed! i need some salt and since i am living in paris i fell for sel de guérande... i never thought salt could be so yummie ;)