Friday, 17 February 2012

We need what???

Having a house in the UK brings all sorts of joy, catastrophes and missunderstandings into life, especially if you are not British and even worse if you are a German Little Miss Know-it-all... One of the most recent things that apparently needed doing was: replacing the sofit and facia. The what?!?

Don´t ask me, we have the men in soon to do this "important" work but I still haven´t got a clue. What I do know now, after what felt like hours interviewing my husband about this incredibly boring subject, is, that it is a cover that sits between the "overhang" of the roof and the house wall. (Excuse me if I use not the right terms - I might be the grandchild of a roof decker but that doesn´t mean a thing)
Why does a house need a panel up there?? Hiding something? Keeping anything out? And my killer argument: when no house in Germany has that, what use can it possibly have then?
One of the great mysteries...if anyone can explain the function of those bits to me (apart fom making money for the companies) than please let me know!

If you wanna have a look yourself and test if your understanding when it comes to technical things is better than mine:

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