Friday, 31 May 2013

Freitags-Füller 55

Ich warte auf Godot. Was sonst?!?

Ich bin leider nicht besonders sorgfältig.

Drei Dinge auf meinem Tisch: (nur drei? Ich lebe in einem solchen  Dauerchaos da sind nie nur 3 Dinge auf dem Tisch :-) Aber um die Frage zu beantworten) schmutzige Teller vom Fruehstueck, Teekanne, Flasche Parfum die endlich mal leer werden muss.

Wenn ich aus dem Fenster schaue, sehe ich viele junge Voegle die sich an unserer Futterstelle bedienen, sie sind alle noch sehr übermütig.

Was macht eigentlich dieser Michael jetzt der vor Ur-Zeiten mal eine total durchgedrehte Sendung auf Viva hatte in der er durch England gereist ist?

Habe diese Saison nun schon 3x Rhabarber verarbeitet - einmal als Marmelade, einmal als Crumble und einen Kuchen mit Baiser. Ich mag ihn.

Was das Wochenende angeht, heute Abend freue ich mich auf chinesisch kochen und Bilder hochladen (fahren gleich zu zwei National Trust Haeusern - vor einem wurde eine Folge Downton Abbey gedreht, yeah), morgen habe ich in die Stadt gehen, Kaffee trinken und im Garten arbeiten/lesen geplant und Sonntag möchte ich wieder nach London und eine Runde vom Columbia Road Flower Market, Brick Lane, Spitalfield Market und zum Museum of London drehen.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Kusmi Tea

Kusmi Tea

15 Marylebone High Street

I'm a big fan of the beautiful French Kusmi teas. Not only do they taste wonderful, no, they come in the most pretty tins as well.
You can guess how excited I was when I found out that they have a brand new flagship store on the stylish and charming Marylebone High Street in London now (about time thinking that the company was founded 1867 in Russia)
I got overwhelmed by the choice...and the friendliness of the staff! They encouraged me to sniff at least 10 different sorts, gave me a small cup of their detox blend to drink - it was all "please Madam" here and "have a lovely day" there and I was enchanted. Needless to say that I left with a large tin of the green tea with almond flavour and a mix of five mini tins to try out. Heaven! Will go there more often from now one and so should you :-)

Monday, 27 May 2013

on the road 7

the train from Mainz to Wiesbaden in the afternoon

a: What do we do after theatre?
b: Go home and drink! And you can all sleep in my flat!
a: Great idea!
c: Me too?
a: Course!
 a: Have to clean the dishes first, have nothing left.
b: Know the problem, only own two plates anyway.

Wouldn´t work now, would it? Who in our age group would agree on a sleepover without a carefully planned and packed overnight bag including a more or less stylish new set of pyjamas and the desperately needed cleanser, eye crem, night cream, electric toothbrush, foundation, powder, deo, ....?
Suddenly I was longing for this life. Missing it's apparent recklessness in a sentimental way although I have never lived it.
When exactly did giggles, spontaneity and frugality get replaced by dishwashers, marriages/divorces and time schedules?
I might still be a student but as the years are going on it is getting harder to keep up the attitude.

The Drowning

author: Camilla Läckberg
published: 2008

plot: In the Swedish village Fjällbacka a man disappears and his friends are receiving anonymous threats. Detective Patrik Hedstrom and his wife Erika Falck are eager to find out the truth but the victims themselves are concealing evidence. Is their silence driven by fear or guilt? And what is the secret they would rather die to protect than live to see revealed?
It´s the sixth book of the Hedstrom/Falck series.

what I liked: My first ever crime novel!
And I picked is written like a "normal" novel, closely describing the peoples everyday life, their thoughts, their feelings and all normal things. The crime scenes are not bloody and the suspense was bearable

what I didn´t like: It was slightly lenghty at times but improved again towards the end.

verdict: I liked it! Think I might read another crime novel again soon as this was actually rather pleasant. Maybe I should have started with book no 1 of the series but I will keep my eyes open in the charity shops bookshelves. Recommend it for sissies like me, hardcore crime readers will probably get turned off by all the descriptions of nappy changes and coffee making.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Max Raabe und Palast Orchester

Last night, together with my husband and my father, I went to a most magnificient concert in London.
After a bit of shopping in nearby Westfield to hide from the rain and dinner at Wagamama we made our way to the Shepherds Bush Empire, a charming run-down and shabby music hall turned theatre turned concert venue. Build in 1903 it still reeks of history with its creaky chairs and the smell of beer puddles.
I'm a sucker for atmospheric places like this and was enchanted even before the concert started.

At 8 o' clock Max Raabe and his Palastorchester entered the stage and from then on it was simply fantastic and very variegated. We sat in the middle of the first level so had unobstructed view to enjoy, the audience was probably 70% English and 30% German.
What followed where two hours of old favourites in German and/or English, some less known songs, some of his own compositions and some popsongs turned into "his" style.

He is a very good singer where you never fear he might not reach a certain note. Changing from being the charming but awkward dandy to a sensitive chansonnier, from touching to fun, modern to old, danceable to a perfect sung quartet. Not one minute was boring, not one joke embarassing. His style and humour are simply unique and work no matter in which language.

When half the theatre was starting to cheer "Mein kleiner gruener Kaktus" I felt more patriotic then 100 football games or stupid anthems together will ever achieve.
They left stage, the crowd kept cheering..."This is our last song"...the left side shouting "No!", the right side shouting "Nein!. Wonderful.

A truly perfect night out! My third Max Raabe concert and definitely not my last.
(btw, the tickets were much cheaper compared to Germany)

Saturday, 25 May 2013

bag parade, part ten

where: a skater shop at Gaensemarkt, Hamburg (took me some bravery to go in AND talk to the assistants)

After seeing them at university, in fashion magazines and then on the blog Lebe Berlin I felt that this not exactly practical nor cheap bagpack/ bag needed to be mine.
I opted for a neutral grey to make it more versatile. It is fairly spacious, extremely light and has the right measurements for my camera equipment. A shame that the straps are non-adjustable. Used it more than I thought before, right now probably the most stylish way to carry a bagpack, what do you think?

Friday, 24 May 2013

Freitags-Füller 54

Wenn ich gewusst haette wie schoen es in Kew Gardens in London ist, waere ich vor Jahren schon hingefahren.

In Kartoffelsalat muss wenn es nach mir geht keine Mayonnaise drin sein.

Es ist hart mit anzusehen wenn geliebte Menschen an Krebs sterben.

Im Juni kommen Willem-Alexander und Maxima nach Wiesbaden - und ich bin nicht da, buuhuu.

Ich wette, dass ich im Gartencenter gleich keine Samen fuer Borretsch, Sauerampfer und Kerbel finde.

Der Wind in den Bäumen, der Regen auf meinem Gesicht, mir gefaellt das (wenn ich kein aufwendiges Make-Up aufgetragen habe...)!

Was das Wochenende angeht, heute Abend freue ich mich auf das Max Raabe & Palastorchester Konzert in London, morgen habe ich nach Richmond fahren, bummeln, einkaufen und Kaffee trinken geplant und Sonntag möchte ich auf einen Flohmarkt und mittags dann was im Garten machen - es soll das ganze Wochenende sonnig sein *nichthauen*!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Winterstürme wichen dem Wonnemond

I´m sitting at the hair dressers, surrounded by mostly old women reading their tabloids or talking about neighbour a who said something to neighbour b concerning neighbour c...
Surrounded by lots of young apprentices, very young apprentices. Some more talented then others, some brighter than others, some dressed better than others.
And me in the middle of chatter, humming hairdryers, ringing phones and clouds or and my earworm.
Winterstürme wichen dem Wonnemond...the "song" Siegmund sings in act 1 of Richard Wagners music drama "Die Walküre"(The Valkyrie)
In moments like this I´m feeling incredibly excentric, elitist and snobbish...and it feels great :-)

Saturday, 18 May 2013

bag parade, part nine

where: Frankfurt Airport, Duty Free
when: 5 or 6 years ago

A large hold-all and a very colourful one.
I like Oilily designs and used to have their kids perfume and those gorgeous soap tins in the past but the bag collections were and are sometimes too much even for me. This one works well though as the beige base colour makes it a little less "in yer face".
Not an easy one to combine at all but at least a useful one with it's two different handle options and the big enough size to carry an A4 folder.
And yes, it could be used as a perfect nappy bag too (saw the actress Anja Antonowicz from the German soap "Lindenstrasse" once with this exact one on her baby's pram...)

Friday, 17 May 2013

Freitags-Füller 53

Heute ganz früh sitze ich noch hier am Laptop, sprich logischerweise gerade eben :-)

Wenn ich in Deutschland etwas hasse, dann ist es der Laesterblick den viele drauf haben, kaum hast du was anderes als Jeans und ein schwarzes Shirt an, schon mustern sie dich von oben nach unten.

Hunger auf Chips habe ich nur ganz ganz selten...haelt mich natuerlich nicht davon ab sie trotzdem zu essen wenn sie in meiner Naehe rumstehen. Hmm, nun hab ich es getippt und bekomme prompt Heisshunger.

Warum so miesepetrig fragt man sich bei manchen Leuten oft.

Ich habe kürzlich angefangen auch mal Leitungswasser statt Sprudel zu trinken, warum weiss ich selbst nicht so genau.

"Quartet" war der letzte Film, den ich im Kino gesehen habe.

Was das Wochenende angeht, heute Abend freue ich mich auf "Prinz Friedrich von Homburg" vom Burgtheater Wien mit August Diehl, morgen habe ich nach Darmstadt fahren und bummeln geplant und Sonntag möchte ich aufraeumen, putzen und packen...bevor ich am Montag 5Std im "Lohengrin" sitzen werde und dann nur noch wenig Zeit bis zur Abreise bleibt.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

the character tag

1. Are you shy when meeting new people?
Sometimes yes, sometimes not - depends on the people. I think I´m more shy if I want something of the people and I´m more open and relaxed if it is just small-talk to start with.

2. Do you give money to homeless persons?
Not normally. But street musicians often move me to tears and they get a lot of my sympathy and some of my money.

‪3. Are you trustworthy?
I think I am ...although I'm not the person getting treated as a human confessional by others and that gets told all problems first hand and detailed.

4. Do you work for a charity or donate money?
I'm a member of a friends small animal welfare club and I will support Cancer Research UK again by taking part in my third Race for Life this summer. The button for donations you can find on the left hand side of this blog and I'm hoping that a some of you will contribute a penny or two.

5. What is most important for you in daily life?
To make the most of every day by doing, experiencing and seeing as much as I can. New places, different flavours of food, streets I have never walked along and plays I have never seen performed before - couldn´t survive long without this constant diversification and stimulation.

6. Do you believe that you are good at sharing things?
Not sure. As much as I hate to fall back onto the annoying only-child prejudices - I guess I never really had to so I'm probably not a modern St Martin of Tours.

7. When making presents, how much do you think about the person receiving it before?
If I make a present (which happens very rarely) I do think a lot. Usually I only buy presents cause they are so perfect and remind me of person xy and not because of any other mainstream reason (birthdays, christmas, etc.)

8. Are you the one giving in or do you need to have the final say?
Generally I´m a peace loving and hyper-sensitive creature but if I´m really really angry my arrogance and eloquence seem to rise to new levels and I won´t be finished until I have the final say and my opponent is defeated.

9. Are you creative?
Definitely yes! I paint and draw, I try my luck at knitting, crocheting and sewing, enjoy interior design and decorating, have done classes in pottery and have failed badly in maths with my sometimes more than creative ways of "solving" the question...and of course I love photography.
Unfortunately the mix of being creative and impatient is not a good one as I tend to start a lot of projects and leave them unfinished.

‪10. Are you interested in art and different cultures?
Have a look at my blog and take a wild guess ;-)

11. Would you call yourself spontaneous?
I'm not spontaneous at all and love planning things. At the same time I often lose interest in planning midway or get frustrated when something doesn´t work out the way I want it and so I end up in much more spontaneous situations than I like. Silly really

12. What occupies your mind most?
might be easier to ask what I'm not thinking about sometimes :-)
At the moment definitely the eternal question "When is the right time to have a child?/ Is there a right time?/Do I want one at all?". I'm sure most women 30+ get tortured by this.

‪13. What are you afraid of?
My biggest fear is and forever will be diseases and early deaths of the people next to me and of myself.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Chill mal, Frau Freitag

Autor: Frau Freitag
erschienen: 2011

Inhalt: Frau Freitag ist Lehrerin für Englisch und Kunst an einer Berliner Gesamtschule und beschreibt ihren alltäglichen Wahnsinn mit ihren dummen Schülern und nervigen Kollegen. Das Buch basiert auf ihrem Blog.

gefallen hat: Fand die Idee ganz interessant da ich selbst Lehrerfreunde habe. Außerdem lese ich oft gerne mal eher sachliche als literarische leichte Kost.

nicht gefallen hat: 336 Seiten! Und 336 Seiten die sich immer und immer und immer wiederholen.
Ja, es ist stellenweise amüsant zu lesen. Ja, die Lehrer haben es nicht leicht. Ja, die Schüler von heute sind eigentlich alle Goldstücke in harter und aufgestylter Schale. Gähnnnn. Irgendwann hatte ich eine solche Antipathie gegen Frau Freitag aufgebaut (trotz ihrer mehr als sympathischen Fächerkombi ;-)), dass ich kapitulieren musste...nach 150 Seiten war Schicht im Schacht und ich habe trotzdem das Gefühl alles gelesen zu haben.

Fazit: Im Prinzip wäre in 1-2 Kapiteln alles gesagt gewesen. Vielleicht liegt die Crux darin Blogposts zu einem Buch zu verwursten und deswegen liest sich alles nicht flüssig oder gar spannend.
Immerhin hat mich die Lektüre erneut in einer schon lange gewonnenen Erkenntnis bestätigt "Ich könnte niemals Lehrerin sein"

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Struwwelpeter Museum

Hidden away in a pretty red villa in Frankfurt´s Westend is the Struwwelpeter Museum.

The name Struwwelpeter (or sometimes translated into Shockheaded Peter) derives from a childrens book Heinrich Hoffmann wrote in 1845.
Hoffmann, a wealthy doctor and psychiatrist, was unhappy with the lack of suitable books for children available at the time and decided to write one himself.
First called "Lustige Geschichten und drollige Bilder mit 15 schön kolorierten Tafeln für Kinder von 3–6 Jahren (Funny Stories and Whimsical Pictures with 15 Beautifully Coloured Panels for Children Aged 3 to 6) the title changed soon changed to Struwwelpeter, the name of the character in the first story.

It became very famous in Europe and remains unforgotten till now.
At least in Germany hardly anyone won´t know about the cruel and memorable stories with their overly clear moral messages. They remain influential although nowadays you wonder how suitable they actually are for children.

To give you a little taster and to fresh-up your memories, here are the summaries of the stories:
  1. "Struwwelpeter" describes a boy who does not groom himself properly and is consequently unpopular.
  2. In "Die Geschichte vom bösen Friederich" (The Story of Bad Frederick), a violent boy terrorizes animals and people. Eventually he is bitten by a dog, who goes on to eat the boy's sausage while he is bedridden.
  3. In "Die gar traurige Geschichte mit dem Feuerzeug" (The Dreadful Story of the Matches), a girl plays with matches and burns to death.
  4. In "Die Geschichte von den schwarzen Buben" (The Story of the Black Boys), Saint Nicholas catches three boys teasing a dark-skinned boy. To teach them a lesson, he dips the three boys in black ink, to make them even darker-skinned than the boy they'd teased.
  5. "Die Geschichte von dem wilden Jäger" (The Story of the Wild Huntsman) is the only story not primarily focused on children. In it, a hare steals a hunter's musket and eyeglasses and begins to hunt the hunter. In the ensuing chaos, the hare's child is burned by hot coffee and the hunter falls into a well, presumably to his death.
  6. In "Die Geschichte vom Daumenlutscher" (The Story of the Thumb-Sucker), a mother warns her son not to suck his thumbs. However, when she goes out of the house he resumes his thumb sucking, until a roving tailor appears and cuts off his thumbs with giant scissors.
  7. "Die Geschichte vom Suppen-Kaspar" (The Story of the Soup-Kaspar) begins as Kaspar, a healthy, strong boy, proclaims that he will no longer eat his soup. Over the next five days he wastes away and dies.
  8. In "Die Geschichte vom Zappel-Philipp" (The Story of the Fidgety Philip), a boy who won't sit still at dinner accidentally knocks all of the food onto the floor, to his parents' great displeasure.
  9. "Die Geschichte von Hans Guck-in-die-Luft" (The Story of Johnny Head-in-Air) concerns a boy who habitually fails to watch where he's walking. One day he walks into a river; he is soon rescued, but his writing-book drifts away.
  10. In "Die Geschichte vom fliegenden Robert" (The Story of the Flying Robert), a boy goes outside during a storm. The wind catches his umbrella and sends him to places unknown, and presumably to his doom. (source: wikipedia

The museum presents the different stories and their main characters, displays many different editions, explores the life of Heinrich Hoffmann and shows a variety of advertising and products the Struwwelpeter has been used for in the past.

A small museum that might get overlooked easily but a truly wonderful one for children and grown-ups.
The villa itself is beautiful and atmospheric and I spend much longer than planned browsing through the stories once well known but now fallen into oblivion.

I highly recommend it, go and have a look yourself when you get to Frankfurt!

opened from Tuesday to Sunday between 10 and 17 o´clock.

Schubertstraße 20
60325 Frankfurt

Saturday, 11 May 2013

bag parade, part eight

where: Milan
when: aaahh...January 2007?

Years ago I went on a short trip to Milan together with my boyfriend turned husband.
Going on a short trip meant (and sometimes still means) that we were meeting at the airport. It started like a romantic comedy. We both landed a bit early, me at arrivals a and he at arrivals b. So I decided to surprise him and walk over to b to pick him up...and he decided to surprise me and go to a. We must have passed midway behind a pillar as we ended up waiting at the other arrivals gate and only found us after several text messages were sent.
Those were the days...anyway, the bag :-)

As you can see, it is Prada.
Well...let´s say it has a label on saying "Prada". It is a fake, obviously.  And I know that many of you have strong opinions on this issue and probably see this as wrong, pretentious and common. I can understand that. But I don´t really care.
I would be lying if I would say that I didn´t plan to buy a nice fake bag when in Italy.
I was aware of the risk of getting prosecuted. But the "market" behind the Castello Sforzesco was fairly big, many people were there and the police on horses was nearby. They couldn´t have cared less, I guess they were the wrong kind of police (till now I haven´t fully worked out the distinction between polizia, carabinieri and guardia di finanza apart from the different levels of sex appeal their uniforms exude).

So I bought this nicely made fake bag for 35€ and was over the moon.
A great bag, very good quality wise, versatile, understated (if you ignore the label tag) and roomy.
No, non rimpiango niente.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Freitags-Füller 52

Am besten gefällt mir, dass ich mich heute, von einem schmerzenden Nacken und Kopf mal abgesehen, wieder gut fühle. Hatte pünktlich zum Feiertag eine kurze aber heftige Magen Darm Grippe...zeitgleich mit meinem Mann 600km weit weg, fast schon wieder romantisch, aber nur fast...

Ich denke es wird Brot mit selbstgemachter Mango Marmelade geben, morgen zum Frühstück.

Sie dachten eines Tages "Warum heiraten wir eigentlich nicht?!" und schon wenige Monate später war es dann geschehen...

Meine neuen und anbetungswürdigen High Heels von Clarks sind wirklich bequem. Nur befürchte ich, dass sie bei keiner anstehenden Hochzeit zum Zuge kommen werden. Fotografieren und auf den Schuhen Balancieren passt leider so gar nicht zusammen.

Das Wichtigste ist Gesundheit.

Baiser Vole von Cartier riecht unwiederstehlich [sic]

Was das Wochenende angeht, heute Abend freue ich mich auf Downton Abbey Serie 1 mit meinem Vater zusammen fertig schauen (habe noch jemanden erfolgreich angefixt, yeah) und weiter gesunden, morgen habe ich einen Besuch im Museum der Weltkulturen in Frankfurt geplant und Sonntag möchte ich mit zwei alten Freundinnen in Mainz Frühstücken gehen - endlich mal wieder!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

bag parade, part seven

where: don't remember :-o
when: again, no idea...but at least 8 years ago

After I fell in love with the Longchamp Le Pliage bags I had to have one of their cross body models too so I decided on this fuchsia coloured one in a sale. Initiallly I didn't use this one a lot as it sits fairly tight over a thicker coat but now I love it for city trips as it combines a basic level of style with practicality...and shouldn't make it easy for pickpockets. Been to London loads of times, to Tuscany, to Paris and hopefully many more cities will at second sight.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Freitags-Füller 51

Manchmal bin ich neidisch auf Paare die ein "normales" Leben zusammen an einem Ort fuehren,,,aber auch nur manchmal ;-)

Geschmiedet wurden schon viele, einige bereits wieder verworfen und andere muessen noch in die Tat umgesetzt werden - die Urlaubspläne 2013.

Irgendwas ist schiefgegangen wenn ich mir Nike Air Max Turnschuhe ansehe und die Lasche vollkommen unbearbeitet, billig und kurzlebig ausschaut - ich meine, bei 139,95€!?! War ja kurz davor dem Hype nachzugeben aber so nicht...

In Auffuehrungen von studentischen Theatergruppen war ich schon öfter. Aber so mies wie am gestrigen Abend war bisher noch keine. Tut mir echt Leid zu sagen, ist bei Laien Geschichten ja immer so eine Sache aber es war wirklich nicht gut, schade :-/

Heute werde ich zum allerersten Mal Summer Rolls selbst machen!

Stell dir vor es ist deutsch/deutsches Champions League 2013 Finale und ich geh nicht hin. 
Mich interessiert die Chose erwartungsgemaess einen Scheissdreck aber ich bin am 25.5. in England...und wohne nur  15 Fahrminuten von Wembley weg. Das Leben ist ungerecht, hehe.

Was das Wochenende angeht, heute Abend freue ich mich auf "Oedipus Stadt" vom Deutschen Theater Berlin mit Ulrich Matthes, morgen habe ich eine Runde durch Mainz mit Mann und Vater und dann beim Thai Mittag essen gehen geplant und Sonntag möchte ich auf den erst kuerzlich fuer mich entdeckten aber absolut fantastischen Flohmarkt in Biebrich gehen...und mittags vielleicht zum Symphoniekonzert falls ich Glueck habe bei!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Leve de koning

As with every royal event I was glued to the tv yesterday and watched the investiture of the new Dutch King Willem-Alexander in Amsterdam.
Compared to the British events of the last years it all seemed to be very low key, small and relaxed but nevertheless exciting and entertaining to watch.
The dresses ranging from gorgeous to odd, the sweeter than sweet daughters, the fact Prince Albert turned up without his wife Charlene, to see Princess Masako travelling again...I could watch things like that for ever and ever.
Hip Hip Hurray Willem-Alexander!


Autor: Enda Walsh
Theater: Staatstheater Mainz
Regie: Pedro Martins Beja
Premiere: 19.10.2012

Inhalt: Sechs Jugendliche treffen in der Anonymität eines Chatrooms aufeinander. Keine echten Namen, keine Adressen, keine Telefonnummern. Sie wissen nur, dass sie im gleichen Alter sind, aus derselben Stadt kommen und frustrierte Mittelschichtkinder sind. Das muss reichen, das gibt ihnen mehr Freiheit. Sie schlafwandeln durch ihre Tage und warten darauf, dass etwas passiert. Getrieben vom Wunsch, etwas Wichtiges zu tun, ein Anliegen zu haben, verlieren sie sich doch nur in belanglos virtuellen Plaudereien über mediale Gehirnwäsche und manipulierende Plattenfirmen. Aber Jim scheint ein echtes Problem zu haben. Hilfe sucht er im Selbstmord-Chatroom, für den klare Regeln gelten: Keine Ratschläge, nur zuhören. Doch hier sind Worte Macht, und William und Eva haben die richtigen Worte und die nötige Abgebrühtheit. Jims Selbstmord – öffentlich und live – könnte genau das Fanal sein, das ihre Generation braucht und Jim zur Legende werden lässt...

was mir gefallen hat: Mathias Spaan ist nach wie vor mein liebster Schauspieler im Ensemble und ist auch hier wieder super als leidender Jim. Das Thema interessiert mich sehr da ich selbst früher recht viel gechattet habe (und damit ja letztendlich auch meinen Ehemann angelte ;-))

was mir nicht gefallen hat: In der Inszenierung spielen die Schauspieler zum Teil "live", zum Teil agieren sie nebenan und werden dabei gefilmt. Wahrscheinlich soll dies chat-typische Distanz verschaffen aber so ganz klar wurde mir dieses Stilmittel nicht.
Der Text richtet sich ja hauptsächlich an Jugendliche die nunmal viel Zeit in der virtuellen Welt verbringen. Leider ist er dafür mit seinen 8 Jahren schon wieder zu angestaubt. J.K. Rowling, Britney Spears´"Baby one more time" Video mögen Meilensteine der Jugendkultur sein...aber sicherlich nicht mehr für die heute 14jährigen im Publikum.

Fazit: Kann man sich anschauen, muss man jedoch nicht. Obwohl das Thema weiterhin zeitnah und brisant ist, hat mich der Abend in seiner Kürze irgendwie kalt gelassen. Und für Teenies ist es schon wieder ein alter Hut, das Zeug zum Klassiker hat er wohl nicht.