Thursday, 30 May 2013

Kusmi Tea

Kusmi Tea

15 Marylebone High Street

I'm a big fan of the beautiful French Kusmi teas. Not only do they taste wonderful, no, they come in the most pretty tins as well.
You can guess how excited I was when I found out that they have a brand new flagship store on the stylish and charming Marylebone High Street in London now (about time thinking that the company was founded 1867 in Russia)
I got overwhelmed by the choice...and the friendliness of the staff! They encouraged me to sniff at least 10 different sorts, gave me a small cup of their detox blend to drink - it was all "please Madam" here and "have a lovely day" there and I was enchanted. Needless to say that I left with a large tin of the green tea with almond flavour and a mix of five mini tins to try out. Heaven! Will go there more often from now one and so should you :-)


  1. oh, interesting... i thought they had been to london even before paris?

    anyway... the staff is super-charming even in paris :) so nice!

  2. did somebody steal my comment?

    well: yeah, kusmi! even in paris the staff is friendly!