Friday, 30 November 2012

Freitags-Füller 29

Ach ich bin so froh, habe bei Rossmann ein Paket mit 11 Gesichtspflegeprodukten und einen 20Euro Zalando Gutschein gewonnen!

Bei mir gibt es keinen Adventskranz.

Dieses Wetter sollte lieber keinen Schnee bringen, ich hasse ihn.

Máté Kamaras als "Tod" im Musical "Elisabeth" auf DVD habe ich noch lange nicht genug gesehen. Normal war und ist ja Uwe Kröger DER Tod für mich aber im Moment habe ich mich akut in Herrn Nr 1 verknallt.

In den nächsten Wochen spielt sich meine unbeliebteste Zeit des Jahres ab...aber ich werde auch das irgendwie rumkriegen.

 "Eine Frau muß immer gepflegt sein", sagte meine Oma immer.

Was das Wochenende angeht, heute Abend freue ich mich auf´s Aufräumen und Putzen (naja, freuen...), morgen habe ich meinen Mann vom Flughafen abholen und abends in Mainz ins Theater gehen um meine gewonnene Freikarte einlösen geplant und Sonntag möchte ich die Zeit zu zweit genießen und selbstgemachten Apfelkuchen essen!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

polyvore...I fear I'll spend a lot of time on here ;-)

dream bag

White gauze dress

Cotton military jacket

Straight jeans
$295 -

Banana Republic ballet flat

Chloé satchel bag

Kate Spade sunglasses



Unit 14, ground floor
Cucumber Alley
Thomas Neal Centre

Before I started blogging I had no idea what the word "kawaii" meant. After several posts and videos were girls were showing off their newest Hello Kitty or Moomin items I vaguely got interested.
When I recently walked into the small but colourful Artbox shop in Covent Garden I started to realize that I definitely needed more things kawaii in my life...some cute notebooks (cause one does always need them, right?), some plasters that look like strips of bacon, several buttons and some lovely useless sheet has rainbow coloured smiling turds.

The things you convince yourself that you need... But this shop is well worth checking out if you like colourful and kitschy and not overly expensive Asian bric-a-brac in downtown London.

PS: Just browsed through their online shop...oh dear, I´m in love - don´t say I didn´t warn you!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

I could pee on this by Francesco Marciuliano

A lovely little book full of the most hilarious poems, written by cats...of course.
I picked it up in store, had a quick look and bursted out laughing. Not much more to say about this really, the perfect gift for any cat lover who has a slightly odd sense of humour :-)

Here two excerpts so you can get an idea why it was love on first sight for me:

Elegy for a toy I broke 

You no longer jingle
You no longer roll
You no longer do anything
Since I had to see what made you work

I can´t deal with all this guilt
I can´t express my deep, deep grief
I can´t believe what a cheap piece of crap you were
Seriously, I hardly touched you before you broke


Nudge nudge nudge
Nudge nudge nudge nudge nudge nudge
Your glass just shattered on the floor

Friday, 23 November 2012

Edinburgh Time Lapse

a beautiful and hypnotic video for the most beautiful and hypnotic music...Philip Glass might not be for everyone but he is definitely one of my heroes.

Freitags-Füller 28

Eine Welt in der nur noch an Kommerz und Wachstum gedacht wird, ist unerträglich.
Bei Gewinnspielen kann ich nicht anders und muß einfach mitmachen.
Ich bin dankbar für die letzten 10 Monate in denen es mir trotz allem so erstaunlich gut gegangen ist.
Denke ich entscheide mich für Linsen als meinen Lieblingseintopf
Es ist doch egal ob man im "hohen" Alter nochmal alles umschmeisst und z.B. was neues zu studieren anfängt - hauptsache es macht einem Freude.
Viele Uni Sachen zu erledigen und zu sichten, daß habe ich mal wieder nicht geschafft.
Was das Wochenende angeht, heute Abend freue ich mich auf daheim sein und vielleicht meinen IKEA EInkauf von heute mittag bestaunen ;-), morgen habe ich meine Mainz Runde mit Thai Mittagessen und abends "Die 39 Stufen" im Theater geplant und Sonntag möchte ich meine ebenso typische Runde machen: Wald, Friedhof, McDonalds (hab Gutscheine) und danach Bratäpfel!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Hamburg II


for some mysterious reason I ended up on the H&M website last night and had a look around...and then I found this:

Don´t know what to say. Is that the most ugly piece of clothing or is it?!?
Is it supposed to be sexy? Supposed to be ironic? Or even luxurious (as it is part of a recent designer collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela)?
The most horrid piece of clothing 2012 - I think I´ve found it!
In case you are interested, it costs 39,95€ and here is the link...but I hope you´re not!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hamburg I

and some more photos from my last trip to grey and gloomy Hamburg :-) I like the city and don´t mind going there but I´m not in love with it...anyone feeling the same?

Monday, 19 November 2012

don´t wanna be a presentee

Recently I mentioned that neither do I receive christmas presents nor do I make any.
You wanted to know why so I´m trying to explain this (completely aware that probably no one will fully agree with me on that).
First of all, I´m not a christmas person. I don´t believe in God, I left church a few years ago and if I hate something then it is hipocrisy and superficiality.
Back then, when I got my Barbie campervan, my new sets of pyjamas and winter boots I loved it - which child doesn´t?! Especially if you are an only child and the only grandchild to two full sets of grandparents!

Then I became a teenager...and started to notice that no one in my family was really that much into christmas. My parents never bought presents for each other and if there was anything between my grandparents and them or me it was cash. Not that I´m complaining but it felt right to give up on the whole idea. Giving for giving´s sake felt wrong.
Then I married into an English family that still didn´t celebrate christmas an awful lot but insisted on presents. I tried it one year and realized very quickly that it was just not my cup of tea. Unwrapping presents while the whole lot was staring me in the face and watching my reactions...and everyone who knows me is aware that I´m complete crap at dissembling. If I don´t like it my facial expression will show it and then I feel guilty and embarrassed and it´s unpleasant for everyone. So, I made a point of starting a strict no-presents policy.
So far I haven´t missed it a bit. The amount of shit that gets bought by some people year after year, the hassle and rushing around, the great and false expectations and the money
I´m a nightmare to buy things for anyway (and so is my husband), if we like something we buy it - and normally within a few hours of mentioning it so no chance for a surprise.
Well, that´s my point of view...nothing wrong with a truly original and heartfelt small present or a card but this can be made on 365 days. Christmas is just not for me.

Sunday, 18 November 2012


the weather wasn´t best but I simply can´t travel that close to the coast without actually seeing the (Baltic) sea...

Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Lion & Unicorn Bookshop

everyone who knows me will know: one thing I´m really good at is shopping. And where do I love shopping the most? In England. That´s why I decided to start a new series in which I introduce you to some exceptional and beautiful shops scattered around England.

The first one is:

The Lion & Unicorn Bookshop

19 King Street

A charming and well-stocked independent bookshop for children and teenager literature.
There is something about bookshops in general and kids ones in particular that I can´t resist. The remote quietness making it a haven away from the high-street bustle, the shelves full of absolute beauties and, the SMELL. Don´t you just love the smell of a bookshop?
Anyway, this little cornershop had the book I was looking for and, of course, tempted me to buy another one. Service was friendly and helpful but left me alone for browsing which was great.
So, if you ever come to Richmond and have a faible for sweet little shops - visit "The Lion& Unicorn Bookshop"!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Freitags-Füller 27

Jetzt ist es schon Mitte November, krass (und ich sag das nicht nur so, ich komme da wirklich nicht mehr mit).

Wenn ich im Theater sitze, Großes Haus, 3. Rand Mitte hinten, dann ist dies der Lieblingsort in meiner Stadt. Man muß dazu sagen, daß ich ein recht gespaltenes Verhältnis zu "meiner" Stadt habe.

Ein Feuerchen im Haus wäre toll aber leider wurde der Kamin in unserem Haus in England entfernt.

Ich will mir unbedingt endlich eine Flasche von Cartiers "Baiser Volé" kaufen, weiß nur noch nicht genau wo und wann...jedenfalls nicht heute.

Bügelwäsche macht mir gar nichts aus, im Gegenteil, nur irgednwie gibt es bei mir fast nie was zu bügeln. 

Alles deftige mit Kokosmilch könnte ich gerade jeden Tag verspeisen.

Was das Wochenende angeht, heute Abend freue ich mich auf "Frühlingserwachen" im Theater und hoffe auf möglichst wenig Schulklassen , morgen habe ich frühstücken gehen mit zwei Freundinnen aus Schulzeiten geplant und Sonntag möchte ich hoffentlich mit meinem Foto Studium mal einen großen Schritt weiterkommen!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Yankee Candle Honey & Spice

"Bring soothing comfort into your home with this Honey and Spice Yankee Candle Votive Sampler. Honey and Spice captures the essense of succulently sweet golden nectar and sugar cane, mingled with cinnamon stick and cocoa to create this gourmand concoction."

What a lovely smell this is! Warm, soft, a hint of perfume and sweet without being sickly. A perfect match for the colder season and finally one not screaming "christmas!" at the same time. Recommended!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

passport issues

My passport is a freak.
On the inside it´s a virgin - no exciting stamp, no stains, no remarks, nothing.
On the outside it´s weathered and beaten-up, only through regular short-haul flights and the fact that I do not own an ID card anymore. It´s roughly four years old but every few weeks another corner gets bend or another thread of the fabric comes loose and flies away into the big, wide world.

Now this has to change, my friend has to last until 2018 and if I treat it like that it defintiely won´t.
Solution: I need a pretty passport cover! would think. The English shops are full of stunningly beautiful ones, I only say Cath Kidston or Paperchase and you know what I´m talking about. Brilliant...
If only there wouldn´t be a teeny tiny problem: The german passport doesn´t fit!
The reason? The British passport (which by the way is not covered in fabric) is a bendy "soft cover" where the German one is best described as a solid "hard cover". And because of it´s wider spine all pretty and cheap covers are useless.
Searching for a proper sized one now...problem so far: only find nice fabric ones (which will be even less hard wearing) or ridiculously expensive and boring black leather ones.
So, another difference ;-)


director: Alfred Hitchcock

year: 1940

with: Joan Fontaine, Laurence Olivier, Judith Anderson, etc.

story: (based on the famous novel by Daphne du Maurier) A young woman marries the wealthy widower Maxim de Winter shortly after they met in Monte Carlo. When they return to his estate in Cornwall called Manderley the memories of the dead first wife Rebecca start to haunt their lives.

what I liked: After having read the book years ago and recently been to the musical "Rebecca" I felt the need to finally watch this classic. Not much to say about it really, a typical dark and slightly spooky Hitchcock film with a particularly scary Mrs Danvers.

what I didn´t like: Maybe there was a little too much hugging and "I love you" declarations and the "dark" side came a bit short. But maybe I´m comparing it to the musical now and so I´m probably biased.

verdict: A classic that is still worth seeing.