Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Lion & Unicorn Bookshop

everyone who knows me will know: one thing I´m really good at is shopping. And where do I love shopping the most? In England. That´s why I decided to start a new series in which I introduce you to some exceptional and beautiful shops scattered around England.

The first one is:

The Lion & Unicorn Bookshop

19 King Street

A charming and well-stocked independent bookshop for children and teenager literature.
There is something about bookshops in general and kids ones in particular that I can´t resist. The remote quietness making it a haven away from the high-street bustle, the shelves full of absolute beauties and, the SMELL. Don´t you just love the smell of a bookshop?
Anyway, this little cornershop had the book I was looking for and, of course, tempted me to buy another one. Service was friendly and helpful but left me alone for browsing which was great.
So, if you ever come to Richmond and have a faible for sweet little shops - visit "The Lion& Unicorn Bookshop"!

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