Thursday, 8 November 2012

25 things you don't know about me ?!

Not sure if the following 25 facts are really all that new and surprising but we will see...enjoyed reading it on  several other blogs so it's my turn now:

  1. I loathe vacuuming - it's much worse than window and toilet cleaning together!
  2. I like ironing as it gives me the chance to marvel at the prettiness of some of the clothes/washing up cloths/curtains I own.Yes, I know I'm unusual.
  3. Never in my life I have read a crime novel.
  4. I always wanted to have a second and third name and felt/still feel boring having only one.
  5. I don't own a smartphone and doubt I will any time soon.
  6. I'm rather too cold than too warm.
  7. I can't touch unglazed terracotta without getting massive goosebumbs and shuddering.
  8. I never put ice in my drinks.
  9. A pack of mini marzipan Stollen makes a wonderful breakfast.
  10. I have never finished reading Harry Potter part 7.
  11. At home on my own I can live days without any kind of tv or music.
  12. I can see instantly if someone wears contact lenses and in 99% think that glasses look way better.
  13. All that talk about spoiled only-children makes me really angry - it's not great being an only-child and no one has actively chosen to be one.
  14. Talking children - I definitely want children. But my own...couldn't imagine to adopt.
  15. I have coloured my hair with henna for the first time 3 weeks ago. Like it so far.
  16. The wildest thing I have done in my teens was skipping school in order to go and see final rehearsals in theatre. Guess I'm a nerd :-)
  17. Never watched Downton Abbey but bought the box set now.
  18. On a plane I nearly always sit in 23f or 23a.
  19. I'm not very fond of  Persian cats.
  20. I like taking part in competitions and give-aways.
  21. Sometimes I love freshly sliced ginger in my black tea.
  22. I love buying childrens books.
  23. I'm still trying to find a list of every single theatre in London cause my aim is to visit each one of them.
  24. I have never travelled further east than Berlin...embarrassing.
  25. my sentence structure like Yoda sometimes sounds...unfortunately I have never seen Star Wars.


  1. No. 1., 4., 6., 7., 8., 11., 12., 13., 20., 21., 22. *sign*

    ... or I do just "Copy&Paste" for my 25 things ;-)

  2. These lists are fascinating.

    I like ironing too, as long as I have the telly to watch or the radio to listen to. And I don't bear up very well in the heat either.

    As for books, I prefer to watch crime drama rather than read the books. And I've never read any of the Harry Potter books. I started the first but gave up after the first few chapters.

  3. Also ein paar Gemeinsamkeiten haben wir schon... Punkt 4 -ich habe auch nur einen Namen, zu mehr hat es anscheinend nicht gereicht^^
    Punkt 6: Ich friere auch immer!
    Punkt 9: Den Marzipanstollen zum Frühstück würd ich auch nehmen!
    Punkt 10: Harry Potter 7 habe ich nur bis zur Mitte gelesen, aber nie zuende!
    Und last but not least ich liebe es auch an Giveaways teilzunehmen - Punkt 20:)

    Wenn Du dann noch meinen Punkt 20 dazunimmst, ist das doch schon ein bisschen was! ;)

  4. really nice to read... and the picture is so cute!

    1-ich übernehme das staubsaugen und du machst die fenster!
    4-genau deshalb bekommen meine kinder mal mindestens zwei namen :D
    7-arg, dieses geräusch!
    9-muss ich mal versuchen, glaube ich aber gern
    10-schäm dich!
    23-wunderbare idee

    ich muss mal wieder nach london... vielleicht auf einen tee?

  5. oja, das terrakotta ding... geht bei mir auch gar nicht!!!