Thursday, 1 November 2012

A Single Man

director: Tom Ford

year: 2009

with: Colin Firth, Nicholas Hoult, Julianne Moore, Matthew Goode

story: George is an English professor in 1960´s California who has lost his partner of 16 years, Jim, in a car accident. Every day is a struggle, he does not see any future for himself anymore so he makes a decision.

what I liked: Colin Firth, Tom Ford, 60´s styling and the beautiful score from
Abel Korzeniowski - what is not too like?! 
Colin Firth is stunning (not surprising as for me he is the sexiest man alive anyway) and acts way better than in his Oscar performance, imho. Every picture is perfect, not one word too much is said. Not one detail doesn´t fit into this "Gesamtkunstwerk"...but still it moves the viewer and is not sterile at all.
what I didn´t like: nothing.
Only funny that, although the film is set in California, both American main characters are played by Brits while Julianne Moore pretends to be English.

verdict: Breathtaking beauty and a real work of art that I can watch again and again. Will read the book by Christopher Isherwood now.


  1. Ich fand den Film auch klasse. Alleine schon diese Ausstattung. Himmlisch! Tom Ford macht eh geniale Sachen. Und dann noch Colin... *hach*


  2. oh ja, der Film ist klasse :))

    Liebe Grüße