Monday, 19 November 2012

don´t wanna be a presentee

Recently I mentioned that neither do I receive christmas presents nor do I make any.
You wanted to know why so I´m trying to explain this (completely aware that probably no one will fully agree with me on that).
First of all, I´m not a christmas person. I don´t believe in God, I left church a few years ago and if I hate something then it is hipocrisy and superficiality.
Back then, when I got my Barbie campervan, my new sets of pyjamas and winter boots I loved it - which child doesn´t?! Especially if you are an only child and the only grandchild to two full sets of grandparents!

Then I became a teenager...and started to notice that no one in my family was really that much into christmas. My parents never bought presents for each other and if there was anything between my grandparents and them or me it was cash. Not that I´m complaining but it felt right to give up on the whole idea. Giving for giving´s sake felt wrong.
Then I married into an English family that still didn´t celebrate christmas an awful lot but insisted on presents. I tried it one year and realized very quickly that it was just not my cup of tea. Unwrapping presents while the whole lot was staring me in the face and watching my reactions...and everyone who knows me is aware that I´m complete crap at dissembling. If I don´t like it my facial expression will show it and then I feel guilty and embarrassed and it´s unpleasant for everyone. So, I made a point of starting a strict no-presents policy.
So far I haven´t missed it a bit. The amount of shit that gets bought by some people year after year, the hassle and rushing around, the great and false expectations and the money
I´m a nightmare to buy things for anyway (and so is my husband), if we like something we buy it - and normally within a few hours of mentioning it so no chance for a surprise.
Well, that´s my point of view...nothing wrong with a truly original and heartfelt small present or a card but this can be made on 365 days. Christmas is just not for me.


  1. Geschenke finde ich völlig nebensächlich, aber die Weihnachtszeit und die Stimmung liebe ich :) Das darf mir auch niemand nehmen :)

  2. Moi,
    ich stimme Dir in den meisten Punkten kompletto zu - habe gestern erst meinem Mann vorgeschlagen, dass wir doch lieber was spenden sollten, uns ein sinnvolles Projekt zum Unterstuetzen raussuchen sollten und uns lieber nichts schenken. Mit kleinen Kindern ist das natuerlich nicht machbar und ich liebe es auch, anderen etwas zu schenken - allerdings wird hier keiner mit Geschenken überhäuft. 2-3 Geschenke pro Kind reichen. Und fuer meine Familie mache ich gerne selber Sachen - bräuchte dafuer allerdings ein bisschen mehr Zeit...
    LG, Appelgretchen

  3. I'm with you - up to a point. While I abhor the crass consumption that characterises the celebration of Christmas, I cannot bring myself to completely turn my back on the giving of presents. However my list is short, close family and a handful of good friends, and I either make the presents myself (biscuits, chutneys etc) or buy them at local craft fairs.