Monday, 31 January 2011


Just found this lipstick while browsing the internet and must admit I have fallen in love with it. Utterly useless as I would never dare to use it...and too expensive (16,50£) to get it in order to simply look at it every now and then. Still cute and worth posting...I think

Saturday, 29 January 2011

lusting for...
Really don’t know how we have plenty of everything and still manage to crave new things on a reguar basis. At the moment I’m obsessed with those nice things:

Daisy Perfume by Marc Jacobs
Rita Perfume by Benefit
Coralista Blush by Benefit
Steamcream by Steamcream (I guess ;-) – love those cute collector tins!)

And one of those bags from asos , don’t know which one yet but will properly order one of them soon...for the rest I will check the Duty Free Shop next week and see what mood I’m in then. Who knows, maybe I changed my mind till then.

Entre les murs

A few weeks ago while working through stuff I recorded on the sky box I found this film ("The Class" in English) and as I was in a "let's listen to some French"-mood I watched it. What shall I say, I was absolutely fascinated and it left me in a very thoughtful mood for quite a while.
The film is set in a Parisian suburb and follows one class of teenagers through the school year. You see all the problems their teachers have to face on a daily basis, you get insides in the different opinions and strategies the teachers have and see some up's and down's of the pupils. Sometimes it leaves you completely shocked and angry, in other moments it is rather funny and even touchy.
What surprised me the most was that although filmed in a documentary style it is not a documentary but a casted film. The main actor (who plays the teacher) wrote the book though and is/was a teacher in "real" life. I'm not normally someone overly interested in teaching methods and social problems (sounds bad, I know, but that's the way it is) but French films about education definitely seem to do it for me. The stunning and beautiful documentary "Etrre et avoir" is one of my favourite films from the last years.
A wonderful film that is always convincing and opens up your eyes to the problems in everyday school lives nowadays.

birthdays and superstition
What I noticed a while ago is that in England nobody seems to care too much to congratulate someone on his/her birthday on the exact date!
I don't see myself as overly superstitious but in this case I am and this habit can make me really furious.
If my birthday e.g. was on a monday then here I could happily have a party on the saturday before as it's more convinient. Unbelievable for me and I hope not only for me. If someone wishes me happy birthday too early I somehow assume that now the chances for desaster to happen are very high and I won't make it till then any more...and if only to prove my point ;-)
Hate it!

PS: And I will come up with a positive fact about the UK again soon I promise...this never was supposed to be one of those "What Brits do wrong" lists!

Thursday, 27 January 2011


Whenever I look out of the window I seem to see people who walk home after being out to buy some milk. No matter what time, no matter where we stop at a service station, people stop to buy milk. If I would have to guess what is the most popular item in stores in the UK I would guess: milk. (It’s a bit of the British equivalent to seeing people in Paris with their baguettes).
Why do Brits use so much of it? So much that they even still have their own milk delivery service every morning! Is it just me not using enough? Is it really only because they drink it in their tea and coffee? Do they really drink THAT much tea to need milk bottles the size of family packs of fabric softener? I like that the milk comes in those plastic bottles here cause you can easily open and shut it again (not like the German cartons which make a mess every time). But I will never have the use for more than roughly a pint each week.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Free nail polish!!!

British drugstore Boots has a great deal on at the moment  (not sure if only at the airport though as that’s where I saw it):
When you buy two small bottles of diet coke you get a regular size bottle of nail polish from Nails Inc. For free. There are 4 colours to chose from, a jeans blue, a beige, a light pink and a blueish red. I did see it, liked it but didn’t need any drinks (was about to set off for one of my long London days and didn’t fancy carrying a litre -at least to start if- of coke with me...and fancied even less the idea of having to search for public toilets every 15min*smile).
A few hours later my husband called me and told me about a special deal Boots where doing, I knew exactly what he was referring to! He picked a colour and asked me which would be my favourite. Tricky question, of course I knew which one I would have chosen but I didn’t wanted to disappoint him either. So I answered truthfully: the blue one. And guess what!? That’s the one my clever husband had picked! Probably just a coincidence but made me happy nevertheless :-)

PS: And last shift he got me the beige one as well , the little things that make me happy

My favourite place in the world...

Sunday, 23 January 2011

DIY Woven Chain Bracelet...

...found this while browsing and really fell in love with it. As it doesn't take a lot to make me obsessed about very insignificant things, I went to town yesterday and got some nice embroidery thread. Unfortunately it was impossible to find the right sort of curb chain bracelet anywhere!
I thought argos will have it as they usually seem to be good at cheap looking bling "jewellery" but nothing...will search more on ebay now. Wanna start making one of those fantastic bracelets!!!
(Oh how impatient I can be when really obsessed...;-))

thank you a LOT, Erica!!!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

It's tea time

One of the first stereotypes everyone comes up with when thinking of  “English” is that they always drink tea. Which is more or less true and I can fully understand it as I’m drinking a lot of tea as well (but without milk and opposite to the average Brit I own at least 20 different sorts and most of them lose and not in bags).
Most teabags you buy in Germany have strings so they can easily be removed from the cup when the tea is strong enough. Not so in England, the epicentre of tea-drinking. Here the majority of teabags has no string. Doesn’t matter if they are round, square or little pyramids – you still need a spoon to get it out again. Or make a mess and burn your fingers (as I most times do).

What is the reason for it? Is it saving money during production? Are strings seen as continental nonsense? Or do they just assume that from stirring in the milk you have a spoon ready anyway?
Very mysterious indeed...

Primark goes big

Hooray! Primark finally is doing at least some of their clothes in a size 20 now! They started size 20-22 a while ago in their underwear and sleeping gear section but now I have found some dresses and blouses as well. It’s fantastic...and bad as I now have even less excuses to shop there. Always used to be sort of relieved that the non-stretchy stuff of their range didn’t fit otherwise I would have spend so much more.  Have to be strong now...sigh...and looking forward to my next visit in one of their shops already, hehe.

Friday, 21 January 2011


...taken this morning and just unbelievably cute (I think and he thinks as well)...although he was just about to eat and destroy more of the plant ;-)

As dull as dish water...

I’m not sure if that really is a proper difference or simply down to me and most people I know using the wrong washing up techniques, but:
Everyone in Britain seems to own a “washing-up bowl” which sits in the sink and gets filled with the hot soapy water  instead of filling the sink itself. Don’t really see any obvious advantage or disadvantage in any of those ways (but I’m a spoiled girl anyway hardly ever having to wash up manually – long live the dishwasher!), if anyone can think of one, please let me know. So right now it stays 0:0.

a felt pen for grown-ups...

After  having seen it in several magazines and ads (strangely on no blogs yet...or I simply missed it) I decided I wanna try on of the new Max Factor Lip Tints that look like a felt pen.  

I normally don’t buy such “expensive” make-up items , I know it isn’t really expensive but compared to shops own brands and especially German brands this does feel rather pricey with a regular price of 7,99£ and a special deal right now for 5,99£. Something about the idea it looks so damn easy to apply and will be dry and long lasting tempted me, can’t exactly explain it – just one of those “seen it – want it” moments.

Haven’t used it so far as I’m still in the middle of moving house and simply doesn’t feel like trying new and hopefully nice make-up in such a mess with no one to recognize it anyway.

Will keep you posted!