Friday, 21 January 2011

As dull as dish water...

I’m not sure if that really is a proper difference or simply down to me and most people I know using the wrong washing up techniques, but:
Everyone in Britain seems to own a “washing-up bowl” which sits in the sink and gets filled with the hot soapy water  instead of filling the sink itself. Don’t really see any obvious advantage or disadvantage in any of those ways (but I’m a spoiled girl anyway hardly ever having to wash up manually – long live the dishwasher!), if anyone can think of one, please let me know. So right now it stays 0:0.


  1. Being from England, I've never gotten the use for a washing bowl either. Maybe it's an English thing I don't know (my mother is not English). Anyways my dad has always done the washing up at home and fills the sink with water instead, they also don't like drying racks and dry everything immediately after. I think thats where my neatness comes from.

  2. Good point. It has never occurred to me before that somehow there is a difference in how the dishes are done in the UK vis-a-vis Germany :) I reckon these little quirky differences would make for an interesting blog post. My personal favorite is that revolving doors "revolve" in opposite directions, leading to many a bruised foot (don't ask...)
    BTW - I like your blog!

  3. my friend from Scotland has one of those, and I always thought it was only her. never realized this was a British thing, and never understood what the point of it was either...
    interesting observation!