Monday, 10 January 2011

Nightmare before christmas
It's quite unbelievable but last night was really the first time ever I watched Tim Burton's masterpiece. Somehow I always was a bit frightened (I know, I'm a big chicken) of the pictures I have seen and as I don't care much for either Halloween nor Christmas I just never was that interested.
Now I have seen it and must say I'm enchanted! Nothing is too scary or ugly or anything. It is a proper story, lovely music (the main song of Jack "What's this" is a very persistent ear-worm) and everything is done in such a cute and proper handmade way still that it is a real pleasure to swatch. And Burton's imagery is just stunning.
Since I can remember I always loved everything "swirly". My schoolbooks are covered with it, I have done some paintings consisting of not much more than swirls and, look at that:

Last summer I was finally brave enough and got my very first (and probably not last) tattoo which is most important a lily but the major feature really are swirls. No real connection there to "Nightmare before Christmas" but at least for me this post makes some sort of sense :-)

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