Saturday, 29 January 2011

birthdays and superstition
What I noticed a while ago is that in England nobody seems to care too much to congratulate someone on his/her birthday on the exact date!
I don't see myself as overly superstitious but in this case I am and this habit can make me really furious.
If my birthday e.g. was on a monday then here I could happily have a party on the saturday before as it's more convinient. Unbelievable for me and I hope not only for me. If someone wishes me happy birthday too early I somehow assume that now the chances for desaster to happen are very high and I won't make it till then any more...and if only to prove my point ;-)
Hate it!

PS: And I will come up with a positive fact about the UK again soon I promise...this never was supposed to be one of those "What Brits do wrong" lists!


  1. I never knew that it's bad luck to celebrate your BDay on any other day than your precise BDay. I guess one learns something new every day :)

  2. I agree. I hate it, too. I refuse birthday wishes before my bday, and tell people to call me again later, or not at all. anything is better than BEFORE my actual birthday. and it's not that you have to celebrate on your precise bday, just not before. that is bad luck. but the Brits totally don't get it and are just mildly amused or surprised when I get all upset... ;)