Friday, 21 January 2011

a felt pen for grown-ups...

After  having seen it in several magazines and ads (strangely on no blogs yet...or I simply missed it) I decided I wanna try on of the new Max Factor Lip Tints that look like a felt pen.  

I normally don’t buy such “expensive” make-up items , I know it isn’t really expensive but compared to shops own brands and especially German brands this does feel rather pricey with a regular price of 7,99£ and a special deal right now for 5,99£. Something about the idea it looks so damn easy to apply and will be dry and long lasting tempted me, can’t exactly explain it – just one of those “seen it – want it” moments.

Haven’t used it so far as I’m still in the middle of moving house and simply doesn’t feel like trying new and hopefully nice make-up in such a mess with no one to recognize it anyway.

Will keep you posted!

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