Thursday, 6 January 2011

The rabbit experience...

Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay might make it look different but the majority of England still isn't convinced that salad dressing is actually a  good invention. It's the step between being a bunny and being a human being, I think.
Maybe not when going to some London restaurants or when you dine with friends who have a cookbook collection (and read them from time to time) but everyday life Britain is a salad dressing free zone. I have been to restaurants where the only choice I had was scraping together all available sachets of salad creme! For a vinaigrette fan like me nearly as horrible as no dressing.
So, watch out when ordering salad on the island, it might well be one of the most tasteless experiences of your life...unless you are a rabbit of course. 1:0 for Germany (or Italy or France or Greece or...)


  1. seriously? I had some of the most amazing salads here. mainly in London, tho. that might make a difference...

  2. yes, I think London really makes the difference. Try ordering a salad in Lincolnshire ;-)

  3. Dein Beitrag überzeugt mich.. ;) Ich esse meine Salat dann doch lieber zuhause!! ^^