Thursday, 27 January 2011


Whenever I look out of the window I seem to see people who walk home after being out to buy some milk. No matter what time, no matter where we stop at a service station, people stop to buy milk. If I would have to guess what is the most popular item in stores in the UK I would guess: milk. (It’s a bit of the British equivalent to seeing people in Paris with their baguettes).
Why do Brits use so much of it? So much that they even still have their own milk delivery service every morning! Is it just me not using enough? Is it really only because they drink it in their tea and coffee? Do they really drink THAT much tea to need milk bottles the size of family packs of fabric softener? I like that the milk comes in those plastic bottles here cause you can easily open and shut it again (not like the German cartons which make a mess every time). But I will never have the use for more than roughly a pint each week.


  1. we use a lot. at least two 4 pint bottles a week. just for coffee and maybe some cereals. but mainly coffee. and we're half German, half Canadian... ;)

  2. I just think that I can't remember seeing people in Germany carrying around just a bottle of milk they just bought :-)