Monday, 24 January 2011

Free nail polish!!!

British drugstore Boots has a great deal on at the moment  (not sure if only at the airport though as that’s where I saw it):
When you buy two small bottles of diet coke you get a regular size bottle of nail polish from Nails Inc. For free. There are 4 colours to chose from, a jeans blue, a beige, a light pink and a blueish red. I did see it, liked it but didn’t need any drinks (was about to set off for one of my long London days and didn’t fancy carrying a litre -at least to start if- of coke with me...and fancied even less the idea of having to search for public toilets every 15min*smile).
A few hours later my husband called me and told me about a special deal Boots where doing, I knew exactly what he was referring to! He picked a colour and asked me which would be my favourite. Tricky question, of course I knew which one I would have chosen but I didn’t wanted to disappoint him either. So I answered truthfully: the blue one. And guess what!? That’s the one my clever husband had picked! Probably just a coincidence but made me happy nevertheless :-)

PS: And last shift he got me the beige one as well , the little things that make me happy

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  1. oh, how sweet. my bfriend would never notice something like this. he doesn't even notice the nailpolish I'm wearing....