Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The damn sales...

...went to Woking and Guildford today and didn't really plan on buying a lot. Ended up with some Niederegger Marzipan on sale from "Lakeland " (it's absurd that I get German products cheaper here than in Germany only cause of the sales), a few small Yankee Candles (definitely a new addiction of me), a few small jewellry things from Primark (should take pictures really...that reminds me, I wanna buy a macro lens for reasons like that...spending money always leads to spending more) amd this gorgeous leather jacket for 89,50£ instead of 179£. Liked it and tried it on in autumn but was (fortunately) scared of by the price. Very happy I got it today!!! And the lovely brown velvet dress I wanted since I saw it too :-)

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