Saturday, 29 January 2011

lusting for...
Really don’t know how we have plenty of everything and still manage to crave new things on a reguar basis. At the moment I’m obsessed with those nice things:

Daisy Perfume by Marc Jacobs
Rita Perfume by Benefit
Coralista Blush by Benefit
Steamcream by Steamcream (I guess ;-) – love those cute collector tins!)

And one of those bags from asos , don’t know which one yet but will properly order one of them soon...for the rest I will check the Duty Free Shop next week and see what mood I’m in then. Who knows, maybe I changed my mind till then.

1 comment:

  1. duty free... what a great idea. my bfriend booked a business trip, totally forgetting about valentine's day (not that I care that much, being German and all), but he feels really guilty now. maybe I should make him stop in duty free :) yeah!!!