Saturday, 15 January 2011

Pay it forward

For the first time ever I got tagged (by Petra and her inspirational blog Indivisualism) so I will share seven very random things about myself now:

1. I hate making phonecalls. Talking to my husband or my parents is fine but anyone else makes me panic. I try to sort out everything possible via email and I have the bad habit of hardly ever answering the phone...

2. When I'm in Germany I always compare everything with England and mostly think that a lot of things are better over there. As soon as I'm in England I compare just as much and find out most things are better in Germany. Weird...

3. I have no discipline at all. If I decide to eat healthy from now on I do so - for about 2-3 hours. If I decide to not be online as long and go to bed early - I normally find myself still in front of the laptop at 3 in the morning, etc. etc.

4. I love bags and shoes and have over 200 of each of them. No space, hardly any use but sort of a hobby and, most important, makes me extremely happy :-)

5. I'm a synaesthetic which in my case means that I see numbers in colour and some letters and words too. For example: tuesday is yellow, 4 is blue. Great for remembering pin codes! Not great for doing maths...

6. My favourite animals must be guinea-pigs and cats.

7. Hardly anything can drive me as mad as people who make a lot of noise while eating. Sitting on a bus with someone chewing next to me makes me wanna kill someone.

I'm tagging whoever wants to be tagged, let me know ;-)


  1. This Number/Letter -Colour thing is interesting- never heard that before ;)

  2. wow, I'm jealous. I want to see days in colour, too :)

  3. Hi - I found your blog from Petra's (^_^)

    I love your photos from "Last Weekend" lovely vintage feel to them. I also see numbers as colours, I'm not good at remembering phone numbers so colours and images somehow help me.

    I used to live in England but I travelled easterly around the world and ended up in Canada - it's so cold here right now!