Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Last week I spend a nice day in the small German town of Worms (yes, for the English speaking guys out there this is hilarious now)...nothing spectacular but just some lovely time with a friend from university and some amazing and cheap ice-cream!

Glossybox 7/2012

well, wasn´t overly taken by the last boxes - unfortunately really don´t fancy this one.

  • Avène Réflexe Solaire SPF 50+ (ok, but looks weirdly seventies and I would normally never think about using SPF 50)
  • Alessandro Pedix Feet Heel Rescue Balm (fine...)
  • C:EHKO  Intensive Care Shampoo (never heard of it, too rich for my hair...my husband uses it now)
  • Max Factor  Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum (not sure if I´m really old enough for this product...)
  • Elizabeth Grant Skin Care  Collagen Day Crème (definitely not old enough)

Together with that came the pointless Glossymag and a plane style eye mask for undisturbed nights (as I´m someone who prefers to sleep in light rooms I have no use for that).

Two major  faux-pas were included this month as well, first:
The Elizabeth Grant creme is not released on the market yet so they could only include a 2ml sachet instead of a miniature pot. Got 3€ of the next box for that...another way of binding the last remaining customers I guess.
Second: The Max Factor foundation tester is actually out of date (not that I would have noticed that)! Embarrassing, but: all customers who have enconuntered this problem will get a full-size foundation worth 14,99€ for free now. If only I could pick the right shade for me now I would be rather happy.

All in all I think the German Glossybox has hit rock bottom this month. It can only get better, can´t it?

Sunday, 29 July 2012

My dream house

it´s been a while but here is another "Blogstöckchen" I picked up from lovely Miss W.

How would you describe your interior style?
a mix of all sorts of beautiful and interesting things, some vintage, much IKEA...I try to avoid things that are simply useful and nothing else.

Is there a colour scheme?
Haha, in my head maybe. But if you have my amount of books, cd´s, tat, clothes, bags, paintings, photos, plants, etc. you can forget about colour schemes.

Is there something you would like to change in your current scheme?
De-cluttering to get a more clean and grown-up look and make it easier to "breathe".

How or where do you get inspired?
Films ("Amélie" for example)...blogs...magazines...books (check out the style of Emily Chalmers). My newest favourite is the German magazine "Couch". 

How do you design your balcony/garden/terrace?
in Germany I have no outside space at all. In England we have a garden that is not so much designed but more our playground to grow as many flowers and vegetables as possible. It´s a new experience for us, it´s exciting.

What do you like about your house/ interior design?
that it is very personal and a sensitive visitor can learn a lot about me by just looking around.

What is important to you when it comes to interior design?
character! A healthy mix of styles, countries, price tags and decades. Not hanging up the 156873rd poster of the Manhattan Steelworkers, not buying an orange zebra print in Aldi cause it is decorative but without having a link to Africa yourself, you know what I mean?

Do you do a lot by yourself?
I paint a lot of walls, recently started sewing my own pillow cases and curtains. In England we try to do everything (incl. kitchen and bathrooms) by ourselves as that´s simply the way it is mostly done there.

How would you like to live if you had an unlimited budget?
Easy ;-) - a charming Victorian cottage in Hampstead, London. 
A cosy and bohemian apartment in 5. Arrondissement, Paris. A generous and arty flat in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin and a big, colourful and old "dwelling" with a large garden in Brighton or Glastonbury, UK. Basically not one super luxurious home but several charming pied-à-terre in cities I love.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Freitags-Füller 11

Mir gefällt eine Handtasche mit Nieten auf ebay, wenn ich wieder im Lande bin, werde ich sie mir wohl bestellen


Die drei Damen vom Grill habe ich als Kind immer sehr sehr gerne geschaut,

Die Auswahl an Schokolade und Pralinen in Bruegge ist unglaublich.

Ich hatte viele Jahre lang eine Zahnarzt Phobie (Oralophobie). Seit ich bei einer Angstzahnaerztin in Behandlung war und alles von Ziehen ueber Wurzelbehandlung bis hin zum Ueberkronen mitgemacht habe, bin ich geheilt und gehe mit dem selben Gefuehl zum Zahnarzt wie zum Friseur.

Die Sommerferien tangieren mich noch nicht/ nicht mehr...hoechstens im negativen Sinne falls wir morgen in irgendeinen An/Abreise Stau geraten sollten.

Der Gedanke an noch hoffentlich viele tolle Reisen mit meinem Schatz macht mich gluecklich.

Was das Wochenende angeht, heute Abend freue ich mich auf darauf einen hoffentlich schoenen Tag in Belgien verbracht zu haben und nun zufrieden und vollgefressen im Hotel in Bruegge zu sitzen , morgen habe ich den 2. Abschnitt der Reise also Bruegge --> Wiesbaden geplant und Sonntag möchte ich faul sein und meine bestimmt arg leidenden Pflanzen giessen.

The RA Summer Exhibition 2012

I think this is the 4th year that I'm visiting the overwhelming summer exhibition at the Royal Academy in London. It's a massive display of all sorts of art - created by known artists and RA members or created by unknown and aspiring artists from all over the world (mostly Britain though).

The mix is what makes this so special every year. There are fantastic works, there are less fantastic ones. Some catch your eye immediately (and still jump around in your head days after), others you walk by never seeing them.

Some critics say that it is mostly a boring display of "sunday" painters but I don't think so. And even if - as long as the outcome is that exciting to look at then I don't care if the artist is famous or working behind the Tesco till during the week.

I think it is the perfect exhibition for people who otherwise wouldn't visit an art gallery because of the sheer variety. Even the most ignorant and artophob person will discover something that speaks to him here!

So if you happen to be in London until the 12th August 2012 then go to the Royal Academy and have a look for yourself!

PS: Why is it that the postcards and prints they sell in the museum shops are never of any piece that I found interesting? Would love to hang up some postcards but all they have I find boring...do I have a weird taste?!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

time for Bath

a few pictures of our recent camping trip to Bath... (some more pictures are missing as Blogger seems to refuse uploading photos upright, anyone can help with that?)

toilet humour

English toilets flush different. During the centuries there have been several different systems how the flush worked and so there have been in Germany. At some mysterious point during history a split happened and a different system emerged in Britain than in Germany.

So, the majority of toilet flushes in Germany look like this (apparently the system is called "tank style with flapper-flush-valve")

 A plastic lever or key or button (not exactly the sort of vocabulary I use everyday) you have to press down. Normally divided into a small amount of water for smalller "businesses" and a bigger load of water for...you get the idea.
This system is idiot safe as it works...in 99,999% of the time.
It can save water, it is simple, effective.

In the ordinary British housewhold the toilet flush lever looks like this ("tank style with siphon-flush-valve")

And this is a real pain to use. Maybe you have to be born and bred here to master the usage but stupid me has a quote of maybe 50/50, if I'm lucky, to make it work.
Don't tell me that I'm the only one spending ages standing next to the toilet desperately trying to flush away all evidence and getting more and more panicky!
No water saving tab, only a small chance of using it all...this sucks!

And as soon as all our bathrooms get renovated this will be the past.

Monday, 23 July 2012

no longer a MAC virgin...

...so many blogposts I read and drooled over which dealt with little more than the wonders of MAC cosmetics, so many hours on youtube watching girls presenting their make up collections. Now it was about time to end those 30 years of being a MAC virgin and finally buying something!
The LE "Heavenly Creatures" caught my eye and apparently in Germany it was sold out pretty quickly.
Doesn't matter, it's cheaper in the UK anyway AND...I have a lovely husband that has access to the airport duty free shops ;-) The lipstick "Fire sign" was in stock and cost "only" 11,45£, it's a lovely sheer red and I'm hooked now...guess this little baby will get some brothers and sisters soon.

The lipstick "Fire Sign" has been mentioned as a colour close to the hyped "Cindy" and is a pretty versatile red that comes in the sheer "Lustre Finish".

(forgive me those horribel pictures - I'm not a beauty blogger and never will be. And I'm not wearing any make up so look all blotchy)

Sunday, 22 July 2012


Autor: Wolfgang Herrndorf

erschienen: 2010

Handlung: Mutter in der Entzugsklinik, Vater mit Assistentin auf Geschäftsreise: Maik Klingenberg wird die großen Ferien allein am Pool der elterlichen Villa verbringen. Doch dann kreuzt Tschick auf. Tschick, eigentlich Andrej Tschichatschow, kommt aus einem der Assi-Hochhäuser in Hellersdorf, hat es von der Förderschule irgendwie bis aufs Gymnasium geschafft und wirkt doch nicht gerade wie das Musterbeispiel der Integration. Außerdem hat er einen geklauten Wagen zur Hand. Und damit beginnt eine Reise ohne Karte und Kompass durch die sommerglühende deutsche Provinz, unvergesslich wie die Flussfahrt von Tom Sawyer und Huck Finn.

gefallen hat: ein nettes Buch, unterhaltsam und fluessig geschrieben, teilweise zum Nachdenken anregend, fuer jung und alt gleichermassen geeignet und, wie es aussieht, nun auf Siegeszug auf den deutschen Theaterbuehnen.

nicht gefallen hat: nichts. Aber in "Tschick" gleich einen neuen Generationenroman zu sehen und ihn als angehenden Klassiker zu bezeichnen halte ich dann doch fuer etwas uebertrieben.

Fazit: Ein perfektes Buch wenn man sich unterhalten lassen moechte ohne an schwerer Kost zu verzweifeln oder aber sich mit Vampiren oder Fesselspielen intellektuell komplett zu unterfordern. Mal gespannt wann und mit wem es verfilmt wird...es schreit foermlich danach finde ich.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

think it's time to call this a haul...

well, I honestly don't think I bought that much! But now that I have seen it all on one pile, hmm.
So let's have a look of what I gathered in the 6 days if being in England so far (to my defence, the sales are on):

a shopping bag showing a Yorkshire Terrier with a moustache from Topshop...overpriced with 10£ but my plastic bag just collapsed so I talked myself into "having" to get this.

three pairs of jeans form the Matalan sale, ranging between 5£ and 8£.

this fun small handbag, always like that shape in bags, don't know why (Matalan as well, was reduced to 4£)

 this reduced price spikey statement necklace from Topshop for 3,50£

this maxi dress in aqua colours with those beautiful turquoise stones around the neckline...is a size too big but was just too nice for only 15£. And maybe another summer wedding will happen eventually so I can wear it! (Matalan)

and another silky and floaty maxi dress (12£, Matalan) with embellishments. Seemed to have had a blue day yesterday, not like me at all...
the fact I'm starting a masters degree in literature soon doesn't make me step away from crappy mainstream literature (ordered "Fifty Shades of Grey" too*blushing) ...come on, was only 7,99£ for all three!

this funny cotton shopper from the brand "Thursday Friday" caught my eye in spring but at a price of 65£ I wasn't convinced enough. Lucky me, got it for 19,50£ in the sales now!Would have kicked myself if I would have bought it a few months ago.

 you can see, months later then anyone else I'm getting into the statement necklace mood. This one is a particular heavy one from Primark (4£).

this lace effect jumper is from Primark too, sure I will find a way of combining it with other items my wardrobe has on offer.

this neckholder dress I picked because of it's Hawaiian vintage feel. Was on sale at asos and cost me a mere 7,50£!

another necklace from Primark, this time it's a pearl collar.

one of those 80's style stretch belts from Primark. Looks surprisingly close to real leather, has a lovely burgundy colour and I'm simply happy about the fact that a standart sized belt fits me!

and last but not least this sleeveless blouse from Primark with the cute duck print and the huge navy bow (8£ I guess).
I don't know what it is, being in England always makes me shop like there's no tomorrow. But all in all I'm happy about my new finds and hope I will wear them as much I should. And will stay away from shops for now...at least trying to ;-)