Sunday, 29 July 2012

My dream house

it´s been a while but here is another "Blogstöckchen" I picked up from lovely Miss W.

How would you describe your interior style?
a mix of all sorts of beautiful and interesting things, some vintage, much IKEA...I try to avoid things that are simply useful and nothing else.

Is there a colour scheme?
Haha, in my head maybe. But if you have my amount of books, cd´s, tat, clothes, bags, paintings, photos, plants, etc. you can forget about colour schemes.

Is there something you would like to change in your current scheme?
De-cluttering to get a more clean and grown-up look and make it easier to "breathe".

How or where do you get inspired?
Films ("Amélie" for example)...blogs...magazines...books (check out the style of Emily Chalmers). My newest favourite is the German magazine "Couch". 

How do you design your balcony/garden/terrace?
in Germany I have no outside space at all. In England we have a garden that is not so much designed but more our playground to grow as many flowers and vegetables as possible. It´s a new experience for us, it´s exciting.

What do you like about your house/ interior design?
that it is very personal and a sensitive visitor can learn a lot about me by just looking around.

What is important to you when it comes to interior design?
character! A healthy mix of styles, countries, price tags and decades. Not hanging up the 156873rd poster of the Manhattan Steelworkers, not buying an orange zebra print in Aldi cause it is decorative but without having a link to Africa yourself, you know what I mean?

Do you do a lot by yourself?
I paint a lot of walls, recently started sewing my own pillow cases and curtains. In England we try to do everything (incl. kitchen and bathrooms) by ourselves as that´s simply the way it is mostly done there.

How would you like to live if you had an unlimited budget?
Easy ;-) - a charming Victorian cottage in Hampstead, London. 
A cosy and bohemian apartment in 5. Arrondissement, Paris. A generous and arty flat in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin and a big, colourful and old "dwelling" with a large garden in Brighton or Glastonbury, UK. Basically not one super luxurious home but several charming pied-à-terre in cities I love.

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