Friday, 27 July 2012

The RA Summer Exhibition 2012

I think this is the 4th year that I'm visiting the overwhelming summer exhibition at the Royal Academy in London. It's a massive display of all sorts of art - created by known artists and RA members or created by unknown and aspiring artists from all over the world (mostly Britain though).

The mix is what makes this so special every year. There are fantastic works, there are less fantastic ones. Some catch your eye immediately (and still jump around in your head days after), others you walk by never seeing them.

Some critics say that it is mostly a boring display of "sunday" painters but I don't think so. And even if - as long as the outcome is that exciting to look at then I don't care if the artist is famous or working behind the Tesco till during the week.

I think it is the perfect exhibition for people who otherwise wouldn't visit an art gallery because of the sheer variety. Even the most ignorant and artophob person will discover something that speaks to him here!

So if you happen to be in London until the 12th August 2012 then go to the Royal Academy and have a look for yourself!

PS: Why is it that the postcards and prints they sell in the museum shops are never of any piece that I found interesting? Would love to hang up some postcards but all they have I find I have a weird taste?!

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  1. I also wish museums would sell postcards of EVERY picture they displayed!
    The ones they are selling often are the famous ones anyway and you could get them everywhere!