Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Oans zwoa gsuffa

Last week I made use of a cheap train faire deal, grabbed my dad and together we spend 3 days in the Bavarian capital of Munich. I have been there several times before and felt it was about time again...

Still find it a lovely city that is large enough to offer plenty to see and do but at the same time not overwhelming. We´ve been fairly lucky with the weather so enjoyed loads of walking in the sun...and I managed to see and do only a part of what was originally planned.

 Things I found out this time:
  • the discipline on escalators in Munich is waaaay higher than in London. Don´t you even think about standing on the left...when did they become to English?!?
  • Alfons Schuhbeck´s "Gewürzladen" is an absolute delight and made my day as I could not only buy spices but put them into little bags myself to...a definite if you are in Munich and like to cook!
  • the walk to Schloss Nymphenburg from the nearest underground stop is long...very long. But made easier as we found a bakery and had a "Fruchtfliege" (a Danish with fruit and poppy seed - only funny as the name in German means fruit fly, how appetising)
  • gosh, there are many bikes in Munich! I know that this is basically a good thing but also damn annoying and potentially dangerous for pedestrians.

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  1. Meine Lieblingsstadt!!! Wenn wir das nötige Kleingeld hätten, würden wir schon längst dort wohnen.