Friday, 6 July 2012

That calls for a drink

In Germany you normally buy all your drinks in crates in large supermarkets that more or less only sell beverages ("Getränkemarkt"). You can chose between hundreds of different brands of water, beer, juices, soft drinks and of course all the harder stuff too. Nothing is ever specially secured or locked aways unless it is really expensive.

In the UK I so far have never found anything similar. Drinks get bought together with the normal supermarket shopping and the variety is not really that great. Especially the choice of sparkling water is unbelievably poor on the island. Hardly anything that isn´t alcoholic comes in a glass bottle.
I´m not saying that the overwhelming choice you have in Germany is really needed but once you´re used to it...

PS: By the way: In the UK all bottles have no deposit on them...very green indeed, not.


  1. i sometimes miss this huge range of choice of good sparkling water here... the variety of beverages is not too bad but still... it´s so hard to find a decent water that does not cost a fortune :D

    i don't get the no deposit policy here either... anyway, the way they handle their garbage is not too green

  2. ETSS - Legendary. Might google be trying to tell you sth ;)?
    Never really thought much about where drinks come from as I always had my sparkling water delivered by Tesco's ;) Btw - I am not sure how the bottle deposit concept would work in central London where many people do not own cars. It's hard enough to drag your groceries home, let alone needing to get rid of bottles in the "correct" fashion.
    Btw 2 - I am starting to wonder why almost anywhere on this planet one is confronted with San Pellegrino when ordering sparkling water. It is beyond ridiculous, especially in places like Canada, where there's plenty of crystal clean water. Must do a post about this one day since it is my personal soap box ;)

    1. well, if people in Berlin or Munich manage to get rid of their bottles I´m sure Londoners could cope as well.
      Can´t help you on the San Pellegrino issue though, never order water in restaurants so have never noticed. Guess it looks sort of expensive!?