Thursday, 19 July 2012

cream of the crop

If you are planning on buying cream for a recipe, sweet or savoury, in Germany you normally buy "Schlagsahne", whipping cream. It has 30% fat and is versatile in how you use it.

In the UK buying cream is much more complicated challenge. The average supermarket offers single cream (18%), double cream (48%), extra-thick double cream (48%), whipping cream (35%) and clotted cream (55%).
I once made the mistake and wanted to whip single cream. A big no-go, it didn't do anything and the recipe was ruined. If you whip double cream it works well but the cream you get is extremely heavy and tastes greasy. And even between English whipping cream and the German Schlagsahne is a difference of 5% fat. Not that I care calory wise but it simply makes a taste and usage difference so watch out when cooking!

PS: And what is that British obsession with pouring liquid cream over dessert or spooning the extra thick variety onto your cake?! Strange...maybe I'm just too German but for me nothing beats the whipped cream (haha, what a pun!) with a hint of vanilla sugar.


  1. I never tried whipping cream myself (as I do not like it). However, I would have assumed that whipping single cream works. Odd.
    P.S. Yes, plenty of ideas. I will tackle my TDL for today and then I do some thinking. Stay tuned :)

  2. I've never tried whipping creams from UK but I know that feeling from the US... It just doesn't taste right. :)

  3. Interesting!
    I wonder what caused these different developments...

  4. Würde es hier Clotted Cream geben, würde ich den ganzen Tag nur Scones essen, ich schwöre....