Saturday, 21 July 2012

think it's time to call this a haul...

well, I honestly don't think I bought that much! But now that I have seen it all on one pile, hmm.
So let's have a look of what I gathered in the 6 days if being in England so far (to my defence, the sales are on):

a shopping bag showing a Yorkshire Terrier with a moustache from Topshop...overpriced with 10£ but my plastic bag just collapsed so I talked myself into "having" to get this.

three pairs of jeans form the Matalan sale, ranging between 5£ and 8£.

this fun small handbag, always like that shape in bags, don't know why (Matalan as well, was reduced to 4£)

 this reduced price spikey statement necklace from Topshop for 3,50£

this maxi dress in aqua colours with those beautiful turquoise stones around the a size too big but was just too nice for only 15£. And maybe another summer wedding will happen eventually so I can wear it! (Matalan)

and another silky and floaty maxi dress (12£, Matalan) with embellishments. Seemed to have had a blue day yesterday, not like me at all...
the fact I'm starting a masters degree in literature soon doesn't make me step away from crappy mainstream literature (ordered "Fifty Shades of Grey" too*blushing) ...come on, was only 7,99£ for all three!

this funny cotton shopper from the brand "Thursday Friday" caught my eye in spring but at a price of 65£ I wasn't convinced enough. Lucky me, got it for 19,50£ in the sales now!Would have kicked myself if I would have bought it a few months ago.

 you can see, months later then anyone else I'm getting into the statement necklace mood. This one is a particular heavy one from Primark (4£).

this lace effect jumper is from Primark too, sure I will find a way of combining it with other items my wardrobe has on offer.

this neckholder dress I picked because of it's Hawaiian vintage feel. Was on sale at asos and cost me a mere 7,50£!

another necklace from Primark, this time it's a pearl collar.

one of those 80's style stretch belts from Primark. Looks surprisingly close to real leather, has a lovely burgundy colour and I'm simply happy about the fact that a standart sized belt fits me!

and last but not least this sleeveless blouse from Primark with the cute duck print and the huge navy bow (8£ I guess).
I don't know what it is, being in England always makes me shop like there's no tomorrow. But all in all I'm happy about my new finds and hope I will wear them as much I should. And will stay away from shops for least trying to ;-)


  1. I like Topshop, I tend to go there or visit their website just to get inspired. I find them on the expensive side, though, given the average to mediocre quality of the fabrics they use. Their accessories are often overpriced, but as in your doggie bag, very cool.

  2. In my opinion, no one can read 'real' literature all the time!
    Sometimes you just need stories which aren't too challenging.
    And I think The Hunger Games deal with a serious topic worth to think about, so they definitely have their right to exist.

  3. lovely!!!

    i especially adore these bags :)