Monday, 23 July 2012

no longer a MAC virgin... many blogposts I read and drooled over which dealt with little more than the wonders of MAC cosmetics, so many hours on youtube watching girls presenting their make up collections. Now it was about time to end those 30 years of being a MAC virgin and finally buying something!
The LE "Heavenly Creatures" caught my eye and apparently in Germany it was sold out pretty quickly.
Doesn't matter, it's cheaper in the UK anyway AND...I have a lovely husband that has access to the airport duty free shops ;-) The lipstick "Fire sign" was in stock and cost "only" 11,45£, it's a lovely sheer red and I'm hooked now...guess this little baby will get some brothers and sisters soon.

The lipstick "Fire Sign" has been mentioned as a colour close to the hyped "Cindy" and is a pretty versatile red that comes in the sheer "Lustre Finish".

(forgive me those horribel pictures - I'm not a beauty blogger and never will be. And I'm not wearing any make up so look all blotchy)


  1. nice red... and don`t worry, the pics are fine - i´ve seen more horrible ones than those ;)

  2. It looks natural and put together at the same time, which I like.
    Re Wedding - I suspect it would be a huge dilemma for me to keep the glossy photo illusion perfect at my (hypothetical) wedding. Only asks photogenic people who are known to make an effort, when in fact most of my friends are perfectly normal? I am glad I never had to face that challenge ;)

  3. Das ist ein schöner Rotton, die Farbe wirkt natürlich. Übrigens, das Foto ist doch hübsch. Du hast schöne Lippen!