Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Race for Life 2012

After all the rainfall over the last weeks in Britain it didn't look promising. Many Race for Life events had to be cancelled due to flooding and unsafe conditions.
I was lucky, the two events in Richmond took place as planned.

After a quick train ride (and a longish walk to the station already) I arrived at the Old Deer Park. If you have already taken part in a similar charity event you know it is hard to miss - thousands of women mostly wearing pink and loads of cheerful warm-up music on stage.

Anyway, I wanted to do the 5 kilometer track in my very own mix of jogging and walking so I joined the walkers group. For someone who is happy about being on the right side of the three digit weight mark this is a bit of an achievement so don't think the walking is only for grannies ;-)

I finished after 50minutes and was quite shattered. It might have been the slightly uphill park and/or the soft and muddy ground. After looking at my medal, eating the orange out of my goody bag and buying the official T-Shirt with my name on, I sat on the grass and relaxed.
Last year, in a moment of extreme motivation, I got two vouchers for taking part in a race. Unfortunately I couldn't find a second event at the right time or location and no one else wanted to join in so: I got ready to walk the next 5k at 14 o' clock the same day. This time I walked fairly normal and still only took 53min in total.
On the train back I was sweaty and tired but quite pleased with myself and the money I have raised so far.

What I love about it (apart from the fact that it is for a very good cause as we all will be affected by cancer in our life one way or another)?
Everyone has fun, no one gets jugeded. Small kids are taking part, giggly groups that resemble a hen night with their tutus and bright wigs, old ladies that walk the 5k with ease. There are the super fit ones, the "normal" ones, the couch potatoes and the ones in a wheelchair. There are mums with prams and pregnant ladies. Tiny fragile looking Indian ladies walking bravely in their sari...voluptous ladies not being afraid to show off their curves.
It feels so good being a part of all that. If you ever need an experience that makes you proud to be female and proud of your own body then don't hesistate and sign up for next years events.

PS: And after all it is still possible to sponsor me and help the ood work of Cancer Research UK with a small donation...thank you!



  1. Congratulations!
    It really sounds like a great experience!

  2. Well done :) I would love to join you next year...