Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Glossybox 7/2012

well, wasn´t overly taken by the last boxes - unfortunately really don´t fancy this one.

  • Avène Réflexe Solaire SPF 50+ (ok, but looks weirdly seventies and I would normally never think about using SPF 50)
  • Alessandro Pedix Feet Heel Rescue Balm (fine...)
  • C:EHKO  Intensive Care Shampoo (never heard of it, too rich for my hair...my husband uses it now)
  • Max Factor  Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum (not sure if I´m really old enough for this product...)
  • Elizabeth Grant Skin Care  Collagen Day Crème (definitely not old enough)

Together with that came the pointless Glossymag and a plane style eye mask for undisturbed nights (as I´m someone who prefers to sleep in light rooms I have no use for that).

Two major  faux-pas were included this month as well, first:
The Elizabeth Grant creme is not released on the market yet so they could only include a 2ml sachet instead of a miniature pot. Got 3€ of the next box for that...another way of binding the last remaining customers I guess.
Second: The Max Factor foundation tester is actually out of date (not that I would have noticed that)! Embarrassing, but: all customers who have enconuntered this problem will get a full-size foundation worth 14,99€ for free now. If only I could pick the right shade for me now I would be rather happy.

All in all I think the German Glossybox has hit rock bottom this month. It can only get better, can´t it?


  1. I use this particular Avene SPF 50 for my face as I burn easily. Admittedly the choice of orange packaging is a bit strange.

  2. Ich mag dass die Sonnen-Produkte orangefarben sind :D Dann verwechsel ich sie nicht mit der Tagespflege^^