Thursday, 26 July 2012

toilet humour

English toilets flush different. During the centuries there have been several different systems how the flush worked and so there have been in Germany. At some mysterious point during history a split happened and a different system emerged in Britain than in Germany.

So, the majority of toilet flushes in Germany look like this (apparently the system is called "tank style with flapper-flush-valve")

 A plastic lever or key or button (not exactly the sort of vocabulary I use everyday) you have to press down. Normally divided into a small amount of water for smalller "businesses" and a bigger load of water get the idea.
This system is idiot safe as it 99,999% of the time.
It can save water, it is simple, effective.

In the ordinary British housewhold the toilet flush lever looks like this ("tank style with siphon-flush-valve")

And this is a real pain to use. Maybe you have to be born and bred here to master the usage but stupid me has a quote of maybe 50/50, if I'm lucky, to make it work.
Don't tell me that I'm the only one spending ages standing next to the toilet desperately trying to flush away all evidence and getting more and more panicky!
No water saving tab, only a small chance of using it all...this sucks!

And as soon as all our bathrooms get renovated this will be the past.


  1. Haha... meine Rede. Wie viele Toiletten ich in England schon geschrottet habe, weil ich zu fest gedrückt habe... ganz schrecklich. Sogar in tollen Hotels haben die dieses System! Versteh ich bis heute nicht.

  2. Haha, I love the name: flapper-flush-valve :D