Monday, 9 July 2012

Vater Mutter Geisterbahn

Country: Germany
Company/ Theatre: Staatsschauspiel Dresden
Language: German
Author: Martin Heckmanns
Director: Christoph Frick
seen on the 24.06.12 in Wiesbaden at the "New Plays from Europe" festival

Description: Anne’s philosophy degree has fallen by the wayside; Johann is a less than successful theatre director. So, they agreed, they would at least be perfect parents to their child. But their son Otto refuses to play along: “He doesn’t believe that we are this happy.” Rewind and look for the cause of the problem: the Klein family makes an attempt at self-therapy. Martin Heckmanns has written a virtuoso, hilarious and melancholy portrait of a generation in the tailspin of the quest for personal fulfilment.

what I liked: It was witty, hilarious, partly absurd, intelligent and - what made it special for me - I found myself portrayed a bit. The struggling theatre student, the woman who wants to make everything perfect, the whole decision process child or not...
And, as I´m always good for making completely unqualified and non-intellectual remarks: I fancied the long-haired main actor.
what I disliked: nothing! A great bit of theatre and the perfect last performance of my season 2011/12.

verdict: A really entertaining yet thought-provoking modern play that will turn up at other theatres soon enough I guess.

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  1. Good-looking main actors are always a plus!