Saturday, 29 January 2011

Entre les murs

A few weeks ago while working through stuff I recorded on the sky box I found this film ("The Class" in English) and as I was in a "let's listen to some French"-mood I watched it. What shall I say, I was absolutely fascinated and it left me in a very thoughtful mood for quite a while.
The film is set in a Parisian suburb and follows one class of teenagers through the school year. You see all the problems their teachers have to face on a daily basis, you get insides in the different opinions and strategies the teachers have and see some up's and down's of the pupils. Sometimes it leaves you completely shocked and angry, in other moments it is rather funny and even touchy.
What surprised me the most was that although filmed in a documentary style it is not a documentary but a casted film. The main actor (who plays the teacher) wrote the book though and is/was a teacher in "real" life. I'm not normally someone overly interested in teaching methods and social problems (sounds bad, I know, but that's the way it is) but French films about education definitely seem to do it for me. The stunning and beautiful documentary "Etrre et avoir" is one of my favourite films from the last years.
A wonderful film that is always convincing and opens up your eyes to the problems in everyday school lives nowadays.

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