Saturday, 8 January 2011

Rachel getting married
I'm really getting somewhere with film watching this year it looks! As weird as it may sound to some people out there but one of my new year's resolutions was actually to watch at least 52 films this year. Anyway...
I didn't know a lot about this film before watching apart from that it apparently is the proof that Anne Hathaway is a serious actress.
First I had troubles understanding all words as my ear is trained to British English and always takes some time to adjust. The story itself is quite simple. Kym (Hathaway), a former drug addict and alcoholic leaves rehab to attend her sisters wedding. At her old home she faces her difficult past (her little brother died when she had an accident while being on drugs) and the dysfunctional family that has left behind.
The acting is very good throughout the film, the plot itself is sometimes a bit unlogical but that could be overlooked as the characters are always believable. The problem is the love of the director for music. Don't get me wrong, I like music, but the film is dragging on a lot due to uncut scenes filled with musicians jamming away. I sometimes think my family and friends are boring, average and not quirky enough. After seeing this wedding party I'm cured and hope to never have to witness such a pretentious and ueber-hip bunch of people.
All in all the film is nice to look at, the acting is outstanding, the plot a bit simple but not convincing as it is too long and the family is just too "much" (don't know how to better describe it). I'm sure with a more ordinary family as the setting the story would have been standing out better and more clearly.

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