Monday, 5 November 2012

the impossibility of buying a teapot warmer

Yesterday was a typical November day. Wind, loads of rain and after we came home from our walk on the North Downs Way , trousers soaked full of water up to the knees, I felt like tea.
Nothing unusual there, I constantly feel like tea. As I usually drink a whole pot at once I thought I'm going to use a teapot warmer (or "Stoevchen" as you call it in German)...only to find out that we actually don't own one yet in the house.

No problem, this morning I walked into town to put a stop to this major drawback.
I had a look around the christmas gifts section of Boots, Waitrose and Matalan...Robert Dyas...BHS...Argos...nothing. Absolutely nothing.
Seems I have picked the one item again that you can't get anywhere. Will try harder in London tomorrow...or just import one from Germany next time.
Tell me, is it just me who always wants the impossible? Are my taste and my needs so special? Or are all the high street shops simply too mainstream and samey?
I will keep you updated on this pressing matter...Britain the country of tea-lovers? Very funny!

edit: Just had an amazing revelation: they must exist in England! Why would a tea light be called tea light otherwise?!?


  1. Unglaublich ... das kann doch gar nicht sein!
    Ich bin gespannt, ob Du einen findest! ;)

    Und sonst könntest Du auch einen töpfern oder so^^

  2. had the same problem here in france... thought it's because they don't really love tea... the only problem with the german one's i liked was that they always were too heavy to bring along o.O

    looking forward to finding out what your search brings up :)

  3. ich hab noch nie einen in England gesehen, aber du hast recht, der name muss ja irgendwo her kommen. keep us posted :)

  4. Ich bin auch gerade ganz erstaunt. Kippen die Engländer die Kanne Tee auf Ex runter, oder was?! Oder benutzen sie alle Thermoskannen? Kann ich mir gar nicht vorstellen, weil das so unbritisch wäre. ;)


  5. I just realized that I never wondered why 'tea lights' are called 'tea lights'^^
    But it's quite obvious when you think about it, isn't it?

  6. ooh! I just stumbled across your blog after googling 'teapot warmer'. It is an outrage that you don't have access to a thousand tea pot warmers on your doorstep. Seriously! Britain is a place of tea lovers! I live in Canada and can identify with not being able to get anything -- my situation is dire -- amazon sells ONLY books. Online shopping is a joke. EXCEPT FOR ONE THING -- I just received a tea pot (glass) and tea warmer (LOVE) from a Canadian company. SHOCK. So I was able to have it shipped here. I love it! Love, love, love. How have I lived so long without a tea warmer? Of course! The tea light -- once I had my teapot warmer, the name for these little candles just clicked.

    Hope you get yours soon. They are out there!

    1. I got there in the end :-)