Wednesday, 14 November 2012

passport issues

My passport is a freak.
On the inside it´s a virgin - no exciting stamp, no stains, no remarks, nothing.
On the outside it´s weathered and beaten-up, only through regular short-haul flights and the fact that I do not own an ID card anymore. It´s roughly four years old but every few weeks another corner gets bend or another thread of the fabric comes loose and flies away into the big, wide world.

Now this has to change, my friend has to last until 2018 and if I treat it like that it defintiely won´t.
Solution: I need a pretty passport cover! would think. The English shops are full of stunningly beautiful ones, I only say Cath Kidston or Paperchase and you know what I´m talking about. Brilliant...
If only there wouldn´t be a teeny tiny problem: The german passport doesn´t fit!
The reason? The British passport (which by the way is not covered in fabric) is a bendy "soft cover" where the German one is best described as a solid "hard cover". And because of it´s wider spine all pretty and cheap covers are useless.
Searching for a proper sized one now...problem so far: only find nice fabric ones (which will be even less hard wearing) or ridiculously expensive and boring black leather ones.
So, another difference ;-)


  1. Das ist interessant - und auch etwas schade, dass du die hübschen Cover nicht benutzen kannst.
    Mein Reisepass wurde seit 2 Jahren nicht mehr benutzt^^

  2. Ich hab Hüllen bei Dawanda bestellt für unsere Firma :) Sogar mit Namen drauf!