Saturday, 11 May 2013

bag parade, part eight

where: Milan
when: aaahh...January 2007?

Years ago I went on a short trip to Milan together with my boyfriend turned husband.
Going on a short trip meant (and sometimes still means) that we were meeting at the airport. It started like a romantic comedy. We both landed a bit early, me at arrivals a and he at arrivals b. So I decided to surprise him and walk over to b to pick him up...and he decided to surprise me and go to a. We must have passed midway behind a pillar as we ended up waiting at the other arrivals gate and only found us after several text messages were sent.
Those were the days...anyway, the bag :-)

As you can see, it is Prada.
Well...let´s say it has a label on saying "Prada". It is a fake, obviously.  And I know that many of you have strong opinions on this issue and probably see this as wrong, pretentious and common. I can understand that. But I don´t really care.
I would be lying if I would say that I didn´t plan to buy a nice fake bag when in Italy.
I was aware of the risk of getting prosecuted. But the "market" behind the Castello Sforzesco was fairly big, many people were there and the police on horses was nearby. They couldn´t have cared less, I guess they were the wrong kind of police (till now I haven´t fully worked out the distinction between polizia, carabinieri and guardia di finanza apart from the different levels of sex appeal their uniforms exude).

So I bought this nicely made fake bag for 35€ and was over the moon.
A great bag, very good quality wise, versatile, understated (if you ignore the label tag) and roomy.
No, non rimpiango niente.


  1. Jap, also ich für meinen Teil hab nichts für Fakes übrig, ABER ich erkenn trotzdem nicht ob ein Fake, Fake ist oder nicht :D Insofern darfst du sie bei mir auch gerne als echte Prada tragen. Wenn du Lust hast :D

  2. i dont really care for those labels (but i also do not really care about the fakes) - this one is not my cup of tea... too shiny :D

  3. You made me google the different uniforms^^