Tuesday, 14 May 2013

the character tag

1. Are you shy when meeting new people?
Sometimes yes, sometimes not - depends on the people. I think I´m more shy if I want something of the people and I´m more open and relaxed if it is just small-talk to start with.

2. Do you give money to homeless persons?
Not normally. But street musicians often move me to tears and they get a lot of my sympathy and some of my money.

‪3. Are you trustworthy?
I think I am ...although I'm not the person getting treated as a human confessional by others and that gets told all problems first hand and detailed.

4. Do you work for a charity or donate money?
I'm a member of a friends small animal welfare club and I will support Cancer Research UK again by taking part in my third Race for Life this summer. The button for donations you can find on the left hand side of this blog and I'm hoping that a some of you will contribute a penny or two.

5. What is most important for you in daily life?
To make the most of every day by doing, experiencing and seeing as much as I can. New places, different flavours of food, streets I have never walked along and plays I have never seen performed before - couldn´t survive long without this constant diversification and stimulation.

6. Do you believe that you are good at sharing things?
Not sure. As much as I hate to fall back onto the annoying only-child prejudices - I guess I never really had to so I'm probably not a modern St Martin of Tours.

7. When making presents, how much do you think about the person receiving it before?
If I make a present (which happens very rarely) I do think a lot. Usually I only buy presents cause they are so perfect and remind me of person xy and not because of any other mainstream reason (birthdays, christmas, etc.)

8. Are you the one giving in or do you need to have the final say?
Generally I´m a peace loving and hyper-sensitive creature but if I´m really really angry my arrogance and eloquence seem to rise to new levels and I won´t be finished until I have the final say and my opponent is defeated.

9. Are you creative?
Definitely yes! I paint and draw, I try my luck at knitting, crocheting and sewing, enjoy interior design and decorating, have done classes in pottery and have failed badly in maths with my sometimes more than creative ways of "solving" the question...and of course I love photography.
Unfortunately the mix of being creative and impatient is not a good one as I tend to start a lot of projects and leave them unfinished.

‪10. Are you interested in art and different cultures?
Have a look at my blog and take a wild guess ;-)

11. Would you call yourself spontaneous?
I'm not spontaneous at all and love planning things. At the same time I often lose interest in planning midway or get frustrated when something doesn´t work out the way I want it and so I end up in much more spontaneous situations than I like. Silly really

12. What occupies your mind most?
might be easier to ask what I'm not thinking about sometimes :-)
At the moment definitely the eternal question "When is the right time to have a child?/ Is there a right time?/Do I want one at all?". I'm sure most women 30+ get tortured by this.

‪13. What are you afraid of?
My biggest fear is and forever will be diseases and early deaths of the people next to me and of myself.


  1. mainstream reasons :D awesome!

    #13 is really horrible... the older i get the more afraid i am of loosing loved ones

  2. same here. #13 scares the living daylight out of me :(

  3. Ich mopse mir die Fragen mal und beantworte diese auch in einem Post, wenn ich darf ;-)

  4. Was für ein toller tag, mal was anderes wie die üblichen Mode-Hobby-sonstwas-tags. Ich übernehm die Fragen auch für meinen Blog, hoffe das ist ok.
    Liebe Grüße!

    1. nur zu, ich habe mir den tag schließlich auch von 007morgenstern auf youtube abgegriffen :-)