Monday, 27 May 2013

on the road 7

the train from Mainz to Wiesbaden in the afternoon

a: What do we do after theatre?
b: Go home and drink! And you can all sleep in my flat!
a: Great idea!
c: Me too?
a: Course!
 a: Have to clean the dishes first, have nothing left.
b: Know the problem, only own two plates anyway.

Wouldn´t work now, would it? Who in our age group would agree on a sleepover without a carefully planned and packed overnight bag including a more or less stylish new set of pyjamas and the desperately needed cleanser, eye crem, night cream, electric toothbrush, foundation, powder, deo, ....?
Suddenly I was longing for this life. Missing it's apparent recklessness in a sentimental way although I have never lived it.
When exactly did giggles, spontaneity and frugality get replaced by dishwashers, marriages/divorces and time schedules?
I might still be a student but as the years are going on it is getting harder to keep up the attitude.


  1. i have never been like that - i just refuse to wear my underwear twice and would not wanna borrow from other people... still, i can be quite spontaneous :p

  2. Improvisation is the key word for me - don´t become a slave of rituals and how things HAVE TO BE. I´m an organisation monster, but I learned my lesson about improvisation and "hanging loose" and I´m honestly very thankful for it. Life is too short to be perfect all the time...
    Greets, Julia