Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Unexpected things that I hate...

...as found on The beautiful side of Life

1. German music
People think that as I´m German I like German music. That as I´m, at least pretending to be, some kind of arty I like all the hip and wonderful intellectuals that belong to a new generation of successful singer/songwriters. But I don´t. Simply because I don´t know the majority of them. Or find them awfully pretentious. I don´t listen to radio...I can´t classify German lyrics as easy listening as I have to listen to them all bloody time. There are exceptions like Stefan Gwildis, Annett Louisan and Juli but they all belong to an older, different breed already. If my friends ask me if wanna join them going to a Clueso, Philipp Poisel or whatever else concert I have to google first and then say no.

2. Shakespeare
Soon I´m graduating in British English and Theatre studies so for sure I must love Shakespeare. Nope...some plays are better, some are worse. Some are easier to understand, with some I don´t have a clue what is going on. I wouldn´t say I hate Shakespeare but he certainly doesn´t hold that sort of deep wisdom in his work as others do see in it. 

3. Four weddings and a funeral
 "Love actually" is my favourite film of all times. I love British comedies. I´m starting to love "Blackadder", another work of  famous writer Richard Curtis. As is "Four weddings and a funeral", the epitome of the British Hugh Grant involving comedy. And I don´t like it. Don´t like the majority of actors, looks too nineties  to me, don´t find it funny and just don´t like it at all. Unexpected, even for myself.

4. 24hrs 7days a week shopping
I like shopping. I sometimes even love it. I can spend hours doing it and it makes no difference to me if I´m buying food, toilet rolls or shoes. Monday to Friday, sometimes even on a Saturday. Not Sundays, not in the early hours of the morning. Decades ago people couldn´t go shopping all the time and still no one I know of starved or walked around naked. Give the staff a break, enjoy at least one quiet day a week and give the people living nearby shops at least one day with free parking spaces and tranquility.

5. Classical pop stars
Yes, I like classical music. Yes, I always have been a kind of nerd and sat in theatre while others did their first attempts of clubbing. No, that doesn´t make me adoring Anna Netrebko, David Garrett, Andrea Boccelli, Paul Potts, Katherine Jenkins, Il Divo and all the others (ok, there are big differneces in quality and talent within that group I have to admit). I like an aria...if it is embedded in an opera performance...not on a "Best of"-album...not in a tv show...and definitely not referred to as "the song from the blablabla advert". Yuk! Call me a snobby intellectual here but I can´t take a opera diva serious if she advertises hair dyes at the same time. 


  1. Hui, interessant. :o) Ich bin einverstanden mit 4 Hochzeiten und ein Todesfall und dem letzten Punkt. :o)

  2. German music - no thanks
    Shakespear - yes, any time
    Four Weddings - no (Love Actually - oh most definitely yes!!!!)
    Shopping on Sundays - yes - I hate German Sundays and the rules and regulations about opening times, and I know plenty of people that rather have a Wednesday off...
    Classical pop stars - no, thank you very much...

    interesting list :)