Tuesday, 7 February 2012

star struck

I always walk through London and hope to see someone famous. I mean, in every paper you see the pictures so where are they all hiding?! I peek, as good as it is possible, through tinted car windows (and try to look not too stupid doing this), I take endless strolls through Primrose Hill and Hampstead but so far it "only" has been Gwen Stefani leaving her house and the American comedian Rich Hall in front of Primark. Probably a thousand more that I simply didn´t see...or know.
Anyway, my highlight happened at Heathrow T1 last saturday afternoon. In security I overheard the keyterm "Osbourne" being exchanged between the staff members and there he was: Ozzy Osbourne, the prince of darkness!

I picked up my checked belongings veeery slowly so I could have a proper look. Yes, definitely him. Walking by, wearing his round sunglasses, the long black leather coat and chatting friendly with his two hosts. A friendly old man clearly showing what years of drug abuse can do to your body in the long-run. I was delighted...but (again) way to nervous and confused to talk to him and ask for a photo. So you have to believe me on this - I saw Ozzy Osbourne and I liked it :-)

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  1. hey, that's a cool encounter. I wouldn't have asked for a photo either. I always find it too 'something' when it happens and afterwards regret not having 'something'...