Thursday, 16 February 2012

rosy enlightenment...

...or: eating a clown for breakfast (stupid joke based on a German saying describing someone as unusually funny at that day)
At the end of 2010 I started blogging...and started reading beauty blogs. Always have been interested in make-up and beauty products but never been obsessed or started hunting down certain products.

 How times have changed! I´m still no expert but learn more day by day (and buy more day by day...hmm). The most amazing epiphany? Blush (or as I prefer to call it: Rouge)! How could I EVER live without it? Always thought my cheeks were rosy enough on their own and dismissed blushes as silly and just not for me. Then I started using foundation nearly every day and put a bit of blush on. Amazing. Looks instantly more fresh, more youthful and more "done up" but in a good way. Even discovered that orange tones work well with me and as I´m such a victim, I ended up buying the Coralista from Benefit. One of my happiest days lol
So if you haven´t tried it yet and maybe think as well that you can do without blushes - give it a try. And if it goes wrong, carnival season is on ;-)

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  1. mean! i think exactly the same: my cheeks are rosy enough... but those blush posts look always so tempting - and now you say how well it works for you... oh, well... i guess it is only a matter of time till i fall :D