Sunday, 19 February 2012

saturday night´s loot

I´m not a big fan of shopping malls as, in my opinion, they reduce the fun process of shopping to the pure consumerism without all the" going for a walk, taking in the atmosphere, having coffee and watching people."
Anyway, I bought lots, and not only that - I bought things in shops that are normally a bit out of my comfort zone. Felt gooood...

  • a pair of nude patent kitten heels from Deichmann
  • a pair of coral wedges from a non-describt cheap, possibly Turkish, shoe shop
  • a zipped bag for my sunglasses from New Yorker
  • a bright neon yellow oversized jumper from New Yorker
  • a nude, neon yellow and coral scarf from New Yorker ( and trust me, that all the colours are matching that well is pure coincidence! Must have been in a neon/nude mood)
  • Garnier BB Cream, Balea deodorant, Balea high heel cushions
  • Frozen Nail Lacquer in a dark green shade from Kiko 

Not bad, what do you think?
And the best? There was a promotion stand for the famous Activia yoghurt (which I don´t usually buy as I find it too expensive and HATE the adverts) and they wanted to get rid of their stuff and gave me a full bag for free. Fantastic! I love free goodies and don't find it embarrassing at all to collect some. My friends gave me pitiful looks for my behaviour...I gave them equal looks back for being so stupid not not join in...;-)


  1. looks like a good catch to me :)

  2. Love the nude kitten heels...

  3. nice... looks like you are ready for spring ;)

    if you can wait a bit i could bring you some stuff from paris when i visit london at the end of april...

  4. Deine Shoppingausbeute gefällt mir gut, der Frühling muss jetzt kommen. Ich habe ein paar Kiko-Produkte und bin sehr zufrieden. Die Nagellackauswahl ist großartig und die Qualität stimmt.

  5. God I love a shopping spree. Great haul!

  6. Great colors :)
    Hope you'll tell us about the Garnier BB - I'm curious.

  7. *offtopic* - Danke. Du hast mir vor ein paar Wochen sehr hilfreiche Denkanstösse zum Thema Kamera gegeben. Ich fotografiere nun nur noch manuell und arbeite bewusster mit ISO und Weißabgleich. Liebe Grüße