Thursday, 16 February 2012

bits and pieces

So far I did stick to my New Year's resolution to buy less clothes and look out more for key pieces instead of bargains.

When I saw this oversized babypink jumper I couldn't resist, it's wonderfully warm and soft and swallows are on trend anyway.

Then I finally gave in and am now a proper German - I got my first Jack Wolfskin parka. The weather made me realise that I really needed a proper windproof and warm coat. Always been interested in Jack Wolfskin but I´m not at all into sporty and functional looking clothes. This one is a good compromise I think. Lovely colour, feels like fabric instead of plastic and keeps me oh so warm. Great...even better as I got this in the sales and paid only 115pound instead of the regular 240!!! All Jack Wolfskin gear is definitely cheaper in the UK compared to Germany so if you are planning on buying something and happen to be on British soil, don´t hesitate!

I had to get some colourful jeans in the end. Those are not really bright but the colour should work in many combinations...makes me look a bit sausagy but I´m sure that is down to what top I wear and which shoes I pick. For only 16pound in Peacocks it was worth the try. Thinking about red ones next...

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  1. Also die Hosenfarbe ist jetzt nicht so meines, aber der Parka und das Shirt sind echt toll :)