Sunday, 26 December 2010

Oh dear...

...yesterday I saw that British drugstore Boots started their christmas sale. I had a look (through 1500 products, I must be mad) and of course ended up ordering a huge load of 50% goodies like a big Sanctuary Spa box, a Soap &Glory box, a new pair of my beloved Fit Flops and more goodies. Have to pre-warn my husband now that a rather huge parcel will be on it´s way soon...maybe I should stop checking out online stores at night or at least keep my bank card further away from my desk ;-)
If you want to have a look before even more of the good stuff is sold out: (where the pictures are taken from as well). And I forgot to mention, the UK Lush sale started as well that means another parcel is on it´s way. Will take photos when I can unpack them saturday night!

all pictures

Just all proves me right again that buying all the christmas stuff before the "big" day is a waste of money and time, it´s so much more fun when you can make bargains like that. And as I don´t do christmas presents anyway it suits me more than fine...if only not pretty much every shop now would start their sale...*bigsigh

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