Sunday, 12 December 2010

They arrived!!!
Today I finally got those simply stunning shoes delivered. Aren´t they just gorgeous?? Not sure I will ever wear them outdoors (even the sole has a colourful pattern) but I had to have them. Wearing them feels like being Dorothy, Daisy Duck and Mozart at the same time :-)

One thing is guaranteed though, I will never ever wear them in public in Germany. People would fall over staring (and talking about how weird I am) and I would be sent to some sort of asylum. A problem I wouldn´t really face in London or Brighton I guess...


  1. you may be surprised. I left Germany six years ago, and every time I come back I'm amazed how it has changed. people are still stuck up and rather conservative, but it is getting better. slowly. very slowly. but you're right - in the small town where I'm from they would probably get scared seeing shoes like this :o)


  2. I wouldn't bother... I'd wear them for sure :) Great!